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El Reno stockyard auctions return after tornado

BY CARMEN FORMAN cforman@opubco.com ? Modified: July 31, 2013 at 4:00 pm ? Published: July 30, 2013

Thunder rumbling, rain pinging against the metal building and sporadic power outages at Monday's OKC West Stockyards cattle auction, were eerily reminiscent of May 31, but this time there was no tornado.

Monday's auction was the second since the business was destroyed in the EF5 tornado, said Bill Barnhart, OKC West managing partner.

The auction house opened in 1989 and takes cattle on consignment and cleans, sorts and sells them.

Thirteen people and 160 cows were on the property when the tornado came rolling through. All humans and cows survived, but the business' four buildings were demolished.

?Good Lord ordered a remodel, so we're going to remodel,? Barnhart said.

Barnhart also decided to make some improvements.

Since his employees had to find creative hiding places from the storm such as under a stairwell in the restaurant or under the cow-weighing machine, Barnhart decided to install a storm shelter in the new arena, employee Sonny Barthold said.

Improvements also included newer camera equipment to film proceedings for the online audience. The auctions are posted on the Internet in a live-stream so people at home or at work can bid on cattle.

?Bill took this on like a war and he won this war,? Barthold said. ?If you've got to go to battle, you want him on your side.?

Two of the four buildings at OKC West have been rebuilt. It was essential to rebuild the arena and feed barn in order to get back to business, Barnhart said. Until the office building and truck wash are rebuilt, offices have been temporarily moved to the back of the arena.

Hours of networking and combing the classifieds and Internet postings don?t necessarily lead to that perfect slot, and ? speaking from experience ? it can feel discouraging. It?s easy to become overwhelmed by the deluge of news about unemployment or to sense that our skill-sets are outmoded, even obsolete.

It?s easy to get caught up in listening to these negative scenarios ? but whatever the arguments or forces that seem stacked against us, God has a unique place and an ongoing usefulness for each of us. He has designed us for the fulfillment of His infinite and diverse purposes. And there is always a divine and unerring voice that thunders directly ? to set us back on course.

Many years ago, we were living in a rural area in northern California. My husband occasionally found employment doing small home remodeling projects, and I had been working in real estate. Both professions were very slow and quiet over the winter months. As we came off a recent chapter, in which we had closed down a restaurant venture, our careers seemed at a standstill.

I finally resolved one day to retreat to the Reading Room of our small town?s Christian Science Society. I wanted to shut out all the negatives, while quietly praying and listening until I could hear an answer. The?Christian Science Bible Lesson that week focused on those ancients who often heard God?s word directly, described even as a thundering voice: ?God thundereth marvellously with his voice? (Job 37:5).

When God needed to get Moses? attention, a bush flamed in the desert, and a voice distinctly called his name (see Exodus, chap. 3). The call directed Moses to a new mission and purpose. He was to leave his humble occupation as a shepherd, and lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses didn?t dream up this radical career shift, nor did he find it on the Internet. God revealed it to him directly, showing him that he was uniquely qualified for this pioneering demand. Our individual directives may not come on such a grand scale, but the employment shifts can feel just as unexpected and radical.

I left the Reading Room that day at peace. I felt a conviction that the import of these spiritual illuminations and career redirections were not just biblical history ? but present-day fact. Like Moses, each of us can humbly turn aside at our own burning bush. We can drop our mortal r?sum?s and histories, and expectantly listen for whatever redirection might be demanded of us. We can expect to hear that ?thundering voice.? I became convinced that my husband, too, could hear whatever message he needed for forward momentum.

When I returned home, my husband greeted me with, ?You?ll never guess what I heard on the radio today.? He proceeded to describe an unusual job announcement posted by a nonprofit venture some 100 miles away. They were searching for a couple with an unusual skill-set: restaurant and hotel management experience, handyman skills, marketing and public relations, retail and customer service, and some boating know-how.

The job ? lighthouse keepers!

Between us, we met all the requirements for this post as bed and breakfast innkeepers at a historical lighthouse on a tiny island in the San Francisco Bay. Never in a hundred years could we have envisioned such a calling. Although some 250 couples applied for the post, we were not intimidated by the numbers. Because of the way the announcement came to us, through that ?thundering voice,? it felt as if the job was pre-scripted for us. And so it proved to be when we were hired.

Many years have passed since that high-adventure chapter in our lives. But it remains a beacon reminder whenever I feel stymied by an impasse. It?s a reminder to drop worrying and outlining, to tune in quietly to the all-knowing Mind, and listen expectantly. The thundering voice is always speaking, waiting only for our undivided attention. If the voice demands a 180-degree directional shift, we can trust that divine Mind has been preparing us for it. If we need to acquire new skills, the opportunity to learn will be provided. Gently and persistently the voice commands our forward momentum. In the words of Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, ?[P]rogress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil? (?Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,? p. 233).

It is not God?s will that any one of us ? as His infinite idea ? should be stagnant, defeated, or unproductive. Divine Love orchestrates a free-flow of unfolding good. We cannot be left out, forced out, or opt out of this Life force. Tuning in to the thundering voice, we can hear it, follow it, and carry out its directives.

From The Christian Science Journal.

Source: http://rss.csmonitor.com/~r/feeds/csm/~3/gYwV_9znFe8/Job-hunting-and-God-s-thundering-voice

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Yet another midterm report that doesn't focus on how much Kansas City Mayor Sly has raised taxes on Kansas City residents during his short tenure . . .

Two years later, KC Mayor Sly James still talking convention hotels, streetcars -- and airports

In other words . . . As many TKC commenters have suggested, Mayor Sly has an eco-devo agenda that's even less thought out than and bigger than former Mayor Kay.

Source: http://www.tonyskansascity.com/2013/07/two-years-of-taxes-and-big-talk-from.html

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Facebook Advertising Ecosystem - Business Insider

facebook ad revenue

BI Intelligence

Facebook?is?a daily destinations for millions and millions of consumers.?Increasingly, their ad products offer targeting according to specific demographics, social connections, interests, and habits.?

Advertising on Facebook?has become more sophisticated, varied, and data-intensive.?Facebook has rolled out a spate of new ad formats in the past year and now offers at least seven major ways to advertise.

In a new report?from?BI?Intelligence,?we analyze the state of social media advertising and where it is heading, offering a comprehensive guide and examination of?the advertising ecosystems on?Facebook and Twitter, analyzing each of their principal ad products and concepts behind them, offer a?primer on Tumblr as an emerging ad medium, and detail how mobile is an important part of this story as mobile-friendly as?native ad formats?fuel growth in the market.

Access The Full Report And Data By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today >>

Here's an overview of the Facebook advertising ecosystem:

  • Facebook has rolled out many different ad products over the last year:?Facebook now offers at least seven major ways to advertise, including brand pages, display ads, sponsored stories (which are being phased out), promoted posts, page post ads, mobile app install ads, and log-out screen ads. Each of these ad products has their own benefits, but there are a ?handful of additional products and concepts that are key to understanding Facebook's advertising ecosystem, including...
  • Custom Audiences: Marketers can use the offline customer data they already have to find past or existing customers on Facebook. Then they can target these consumers on Facebook with ads. An extension to Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, uses the same data to help companies find prospective customers on Facebook.?
  • Partner Categories:?This is another tool that helps marketers leverage offline data. Let's say you are a mom-and-pop shop and don't have your own data to use Custom Audiences and make a highly-targeted ad buy. Facebook?offers the third-party data of a few vendors?to help you find your target audience on Facebook.?
  • CPA: This acronym means Cost-Per-Action, which is a new pricing method Facebook introduced last month. Instead of paying in the standard ways for per-click, or an impression basis, advertisers can pay for a certain number of Likes, Link Clicks (these are clicks on a specific link, not the whole ad), or Offer Claims. Along with Custom Audiences and Partner Categories, CPA is meant to help attract performance-oriented marketers to Facebook?? as opposed to brand marketers, who often simply go for reach.?
  • FBX:?Facebook is moving steadily into the world of data-enriched, real-time digital ad sales.?Facebook Exchange or FBX is an ad exchange?that allows advertisers to serve ads to users on Facebook based on past actions they have taken online, like shop for an airline ticket.

In full,?the?report includes:

To access BI Intelligence's full reports on The State Of Social Media Advertising, sign up for a free trial subscription here.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-advertising-ecosystem-2013-77

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Support Apps will not sync from Google play following device reset

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CoolApps will not sync from Google play following device reset
My handset has been returned following a warranty repair, as part of this they've had to factory reset the device (no issues there). However, my apps are not syncing from Google Play when logging into the Play store with my google account. I'm connected on Wi-Fi and have Sync 'on' from the pull down menu. I've got quite a few apps and don't want to install manually again, the technology is there to assist! Running 4.1.2.

Any idea's please? Thanks in advance!

swoot is online now ?

Source: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-international/745555-apps-will-not-sync-google-play-following-device-reset.html

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Of bears and berries: Return of wolves aids grizzly bears in Yellowstone

[unable to retrieve full-text content]A new study suggests that the return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park is beginning to bring back a key part of the diet of grizzly bears that has been missing for much of the past century -- berries that help bears put on fat before going into hibernation. The berries could aid bear survival and reproduction.

Source: http://feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/top_news/top_environment/~3/rOLjani-0Q8/130729133120.htm

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Anthony Weiner's campaign manager calls it quits amid new revelations

Sunday brought more bad news for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner as his campaign manager resigned and poll numbers continue to plummet. NBC's Kristen Welker reports.

By Daniel Arkin, Staff Writer, NBC News

Anthony Weiner?s campaign manager has quit in the wake of new revelations about the New York City mayoral candidate's online communications with women, according to a spokeswoman.

The move was first reported by The New York Times late Saturday and confirmed to NBC News by Barbara Morgan, Weiner?s press contact.

Danny Kedem, 31, informed Weiner that he could no longer run day-to-day operations after the mayoral hopeful admitted Tuesday that he continued to send raunchy photos and messages to women after resigning from Congress in 2011 amid a "sexting" scandal, according to the Times report.

When contacted by NBC News, Kedem declined to comment.

Kedem?s resignation deals another blow to Weiner?s beleagured campaign, which has struggled to rebound in the polls following the candidate?s disclosures in the last week.

On Tuesday, Weiner confessed to explicit communications with six to ten women ? three of them after he resigned ? after a gossip website published texts and photos it said were from 2012.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Former U.S. congressman from New York and current Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor Anthony Weiner stops to speak to the media outside after speaking to members of Brownsville Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York on July 28.

At a press conference Tuesday, Weiner ? accompanied by his wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton ? apologized and asked voters for a second chance.

?Some of these things happened before my resignation. Some of them happened after,? Weiner said.

?While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me,? he said, calling his digital indiscretions ?problematic to say the least and destructive to say the most.?

On Monday, the gossip website The Dirty claimed that Weiner, allegedly using the alias ?Carlos Danger,? met an unnamed 22-year-old woman on the social media website Formspring in July 2012, sent her explicit photos and had phone sex with her before the relationship ?fizzled.?

Weiner, a six-term congressman who represented the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, resigned in disgrace in June 2011 after it was revealed he sent a photo of himself in his underwear to a woman via Twitter.

Danny Kadem, Anthony Weiner's campaign manager, has stepped down after the candidate's most recent publicity regarding his behavior online, according to The New York Times. TODAY's Erica Holt interviews David Gregory of NBC's "Meet the Press" about the impact this could have on Weiner's campaign.

He initially denied it was him in the photo or that he sent it, but Weiner eventually came clean, confessing that he had carried on ?inappropriate? conversations through Twitter, Facebook, email and over the phone with six women over a three-year period.

And yet, less than two years after a stunning fall from grace, Weiner, 48, appeared to be in the midst of a comeback.

Two months after he announced his return to the political stage, he was near or at the top in several polls in the race to replace Michael Bloomberg, eclipsing New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who was widely considered the frontrunner.

Kedem was likely a key ingredient in Weiner's successful formula, helping to transform the long-shot candidate -- a mainstay of tabloid headlines and late-night talk show punchlines -- into a legitimate contender for New York City's top job.

Weiner has not indicated that he will drop out of the race.

Tracy Connor of NBC News contributed to this report.


Source: http://feeds.nbcnews.com/c/35002/f/663306/s/2f42acc6/sc/7/l/0Lusnews0Bnbcnews0N0C0Inews0C20A130C0A70C280C19734130A0Eanthony0Eweiners0Ecampaign0Emanager0Ecalls0Eit0Equits0Eamid0Enew0Erevelations0Dlite/story01.htm

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Views on abortion in US: regional differences grow wider

Opposition to abortion in the South has grown markedly in the past 20 years even as other parts of the nation ? such as New England ? have seen support rise, reflecting political polarization.

By Linda Feldmann,?Staff writer / July 29, 2013

Abortion rights supporters demonstrate outside the Capitol auditorium in Austin, Texas, as Gov. Rick Perry (R) signs sweeping new abortion restrictions earlier this month. The South Central region of the US has seen significant growth in opposition to abortion since 1995, according to a new Pew poll.

Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman/AP/File


Opinion on abortion in the United States has held mostly steady for the past two decades, but regional differences are widening, according to the Pew Research Center.

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That growing regional divide comes as many of the states in conservative regions add new laws regulating abortion doctors and clinics. In particular, the South Central region ? Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas ? has seen significant growth in opposition to abortion since 1995, Pew found.

?The most important trend in this report is that the balance has flipped? in the South Central part of the country, says Carroll Doherty, associate director of the Pew Research Center. ?You always saw less support for legal abortion in South Central, but since the '90s, it?s flipped from modestly in favor to 12 points against.?

In that region, 40 percent of adults surveyed in 2012 and 2013 said abortion should be legal in all or most cases, versus 52 percent who said it should be illegal in all or most cases. In 1995 and 1996, 52 percent of Southerners supported abortion rights in all or most cases and 45 percent said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Exactly why that shift has occurred is open to conjecture. Some analysts point to technology, such as growing use of sonograms early in pregnancy, as one explanation. The South has long been known for its high levels of religiosity, particularly evangelical Christianity.

The growing polarization of views on abortion also reflects the polarization of politics in the US between red and blue states, and in Congress.

Source: http://rss.csmonitor.com/~r/feeds/csm/~3/3TmmsZtae-Y/Views-on-abortion-in-US-regional-differences-grow-wider

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The Beauty of Bi-fold doors | Tidy Away Today

[unable to retrieve full-text content]That is the beauty of having bi-fold doors installed. The popularity of bi-fold, or bi-folding doors has increased ever upwards since we first were introduced to their concept. I first saw them on the home improvement TV shows I ...

Source: http://tidyawaytoday.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/the-beauty-of-bi-fold-doors/

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Swimming: China's Sun adds world 400m gold to Olympic crown

BARCELONA: Olympic champion Sun Yang of China claimed men's 400m freestyle gold at swimming's world championships in Sunday's final to complete the set of major titles in the event.

Just as he did in the London 2012 final, the 21-year-old Chinese dominated early on in Barcelona to add the 400m world title to the 800m and 1500m freestyle gold medals he won two years ago in Shanghai.

Sun clocked 3min 41.59sec, finishing more than three seconds ahead of Japan's Kosuke Hagino, who swam 3:44.82, while Connor Jaeger of the USA finished in 3:44.85 to claim third.

"I give thanks to my coach and my parents," said an emotional Sun, who has moved his training base to Hong Kong in the last year.

"I have been training for this for the past 10 years and it has paid off."

Sun has had a turbulent 12 months since his London triumph after a row with his coach over the giant swimmer's love affair with an air stewardess.

Sun, the tall distance specialist from Zhejiang, rejected coach Zhu Zhigen's demand that he stop seeing his new girlfriend and concentrate on his swimming instead.

Despite a public show of reconciliation with Zhu, Sun has been training in Hong Kong under former Chinese head coach Zhang Yadong.

"Over the last year, I have experienced a lot of new things and I still managed to win the gold medal," said Sun.

"I have overcame many problems and proved myself tonight.

"I am very satisfied with my performance and I hope to have an even better performance in my other events."

At the halfway stage, Sun was on track to break Paul Biedermann's world record of 3:40.07, set four years ago at the Rome world championships, but the German ultimately holds on to the mark set using the now-banned high-tech suits.

After Sun finished second in the 400m freestyle at the Shanghai 2011 world championships, the 1500m freestyle world record-holder will be aiming to defend his 800m freestyle crown when the heats start on Tuesday.

Japanese teenager Hagino, who won Olympc 400m individual medley bronze in London last year, was not happy with his time, but delighted with his silver.

"It?s a really tough challenge for me, but I am trying to do my best and hopefully I will get a few more medals," said the 18-year-old Hagino, who won five titles at this year's Japanese national championships.

Bronze-winner Jaeger, 22, said he had endured a steep learning curve en route to claiming his first medal at a major event.

"I was in a pretty slow heat and I learned a lesson from that, you're never safe just because you win your heat," he said.

"There was a minute I didn't even think I'd get another swim, so I just went into the final with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and that turned into a great result."

Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/swimming-china-s-sun-adds/759134.html

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Party of PM Hun Sen wins Cambodian election, majority slashed

By Prak Chan Thul

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia's ruling party won Sunday's general election but with a much-reduced majority, according to the government, a result that will be seen as a setback for authoritarian leader Hun Sen, one of the world's longest-serving prime ministers.

Khieu Kanharith, government spokesman and information minister, said on his Facebook page the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) won 68 seats in parliament to the opposition's 55, adding that was the final count.

The National Election Committee (NEC) gave a list of results from each polling station but no tally for parliamentary seats.

Backed by a compliant media and with superior resources, the CPP was confident of victory, but analysts had predicted a reduction in its majority after the merger of two main opposition parties plus the return from self-imposed exile of popular long-time opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

While not formally conceding defeat for his Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), Sam Rainsy was conciliatory and called for calm after what were significant gains for the party.

"We want to thank all Cambodian people ... regardless of their political affiliation, Cambodians who support all political parties, for their dignified participation in this election, for their contribution to make democracy move forward," he told a news briefing.

The CPP had 90 of the 123 seats in the outgoing parliament and the parties that united to form the CNRP had just 29.

Sam Rainsy appealed to his youthful supporters not to cause any trouble. "We call for peace and reconciliation," he said.

Military police blocked off a road leading to the home of Hun Sen, who has been in power for 28 years, and one going to the offices of the CPP and the NEC.

Trucks carrying soldiers were seen going into the city but by late evening the streets were calm.

Earlier, in a highly charged atmosphere, an angry crowd had set fire to two police cars outside a polling station, a Reuters photographer said.

However, voting, like the campaign itself, was for the most part peaceful despite anger at alleged electoral fraud.

Sam Rainsy's party claimed electoral lists were manipulated to give the CPP more votes and complained about the disruption of meetings and campaigning by the security forces for Hun Sen.

"The partisanship of the military and police has created an intimidating atmosphere for voters in many parts of the country," U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement ahead of the poll.


The United Nations organized an election in 1993 that put Cambodia on a rocky path towards stability after decades of turmoil, including the 1975-79 "Killing Fields" rule of the communist Khmer Rouge.

Under Hun Sen, a former junior commander in the Khmer Rouge who broke away during their rule, Cambodia has been transformed into one of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing economies, helped by garment exports plus aid money and investment from China.

But economic growth has been accompanied by a rise in social tension over poor factory conditions and rural land rights in a country of 14 million where a third of the people live on less than 65 U.S. cents a day.

Before a royal pardon this month, Sam Rainsy had faced a jail sentence handed down in 2010 for spreading disinformation and falsifying maps to contest a new border agreed with Vietnam, charges he called politically motivated.

He returned too late to run in the election or even to vote, and the electoral authorities rejected his request to do so.

But the charismatic former finance minister had attracted large crowds to rallies, appealing to younger voters with no memory of the turmoil before Hun Sen helped restore stability.

At one polling station set up at a pagoda in Phnom Penh, 29-year-old Khat Sreynit said she wanted a better country and jobs for university graduates. "And also that people have a living wage," she said, before rushing into the crowd to get a glimpse of Sam Rainsy, who had turned up there.

A 70-year-old voter clutching an ID card declined to give her name but said: "This election is important for the country. I have always voted before, since 1993, I voted for living conditions and the country." She paid little attention to Sam Rainsy's arrival.

(Writing by Alan Raybould; Editing by Robert Birsel and Peter Graff)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/cambodias-hun-sen-set-victory-tense-election-035817496.html

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Golf: Hunter Mahan takes Canadian Open lead

Hunter Mahan watches his tee shot on the seventh hole in the second round of the Canadian Open golf tournament at Glen Abbey in Oakville, Ontario, on Friday, July 26, 2013. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

Golf ? Bogey-free round puts him up by two shots in Canadian Open.

Oakville, Ontario ? Hunter Mahan birdied the final three holes Friday for an 8-under 64 and a two-stroke lead after the second round of the Canadian Open.

Coming off a ninth-place tie last week in the British Open, the five-time PGA Tour winner had eight birdies in his bogey-free round at Glen Abbey to reach 13-under 131.

"I kind of built off last week," Mahan said. "I got some good things I?m doing with my swing and everything, and feel good about that. I?m just going out there and really trying to trust my game.

"Just allow things to happen and not get in the way of myself and be as present as I can and keep my head up and keep moving forward and just kind of letting my abilities and everything that I?m doing in my game, let it try to come out."

John Merrick was second after a 62. He tied the course record set by Leonard Thompson in 1981 and matched by Andy Bean in 1983 ? both when Glen Abbey played to a par of 71 ? and Greg Norman in 1986.

Merrick had an eagle and 10 birdies, playing the back nine in 6-under 31.

"It was a great day," Merrick said. "I got off to a good start, hit it over the green on 2 and chipped in for eagle, and that kind of calmed me down. ... I hit it well and made a lot of putts."

He won the Northern Trust Open in February at Riviera for his first PGA Tour title.

"I?ve had stretches of good play," Merrick said. "You know, it?s tough out here. It?s competitive. You?ve got to be on for four days, and I?ve had some good rounds here and there a couple days, and you just need to put four rounds together out here. My game has been feeling pretty good. Everything kind of clicked today."

Bubba Watson was 9 under after a 67.

story continues below

"I haven?t been in too much trouble," Watson said. "When I hit it in the rough I have a decent lie or miss it in the right spot so I can hit the green in regulation. I missed three greens in two days, so I?m just hitting my irons well, playing smart golf, and then I made a few putts."

Mike Weir, who lives in Sandy, Utah, was the top Canadian, following his opening 73 with a 67 to move into a tie for 26th at 4 under.

Senior British Open

Mark Wiebe of the United States shot a 5-under 65 Friday to share the lead with Bernhard Langer after the second round of the Senior British Open at Royal Birkdale in Southport, England.

Wiebe had four birdies on the back nine. Langer, the 2010 champion at Carnoustie, shot a 67 and made five birdies. Both players finished at 5-under 135.

Web.com Tour

Russell Knox shot the fifth 59 in Web.com Tour history Friday, missing a chance to break the tour record when he parred the final two holes in the second round of the Boise Open.

The 28-year-old Scot had two eagles and eight birdies in his bogey-free round at 6,807-yard, par-71 Hillcrest Country Club. He made a 7-foot par putt on his final hole, the par-4 ninth.

Copyright 2013 The Salt Lake Tribune. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/sports/56649965-77/open-canadian-mahan-round.html.csp

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Capitol Hill hearing focuses on Trayvon Martin shooting

By Deborah Zabarenko

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The racially charged shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was the focus of a congressional hearing on Wednesday, where Martin's father vowed to find a way his son's death could lead to positive changes for other black American men.

"We won't let this verdict sum up who Trayvon was," Tracy Martin told a packed hearing of the new Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys.

"A lot of people say nothing positive can come out of death, but I disagree wholeheartedly, because what we can do tomorrow as a nation, as a people to stop someone else's child from being killed is certainly a positive," Martin said.

Unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, in February 2012 by 29-year-old George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who is white and Hispanic, in a case that sparked public debate about racial profiling and Stand Your Ground laws that permit the use of deadly force in self-defense.

Zimmerman's acquittal on charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter on July 13 prompted demonstrations across the United States and an extraordinary statement of concern by President Barack Obama.

Federal prosecutors say they are investigating whether Zimmerman violated civil rights laws. But legal experts have said they think new charges are unlikely.

The Martin family has also called for reform of Florida's Stand Your Ground self-defense law, which permits the use of deadly force rather than retreating, when a person has a reasonable fear of serious bodily injury.

"They need to make an amendment that says you can't get out of your vehicle, pursue someone and become confrontational," Tracy Martin told Reuters at a rally last weekend.

On Wednesday Martin praised Obama's comments on the case, in which the president said he himself might have been like Trayvon Martin 35 years ago.

"The most influential man on the planet is weighing in from an African American perspective and just to have the president of the United States comment on our situation really touched me," Martin said.

Martin was flanked by prominent African-American men who testified about their own experiences growing up, including David Johns, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellences for African Americans, Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and Kweisi Mfume, a former congressman and president of the NAACP.

"All black people live under suspicion," Dyson told the hearing, eliciting nods around the chamber.

(Editing by David Adams and Ken Wills)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/capitol-hill-hearing-focuses-trayvon-martin-shooting-001735194.html

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At least 77 dead in one of Europe's worst rail disasters in decades

CCTV video captured yesterday's train derailment in Spain that killed at least 77 people.

By Becky Bratu and Alastair Jamieson, NBC News

Security cameras captured the horrific moment when a speeding train derailed on a tight curve and smashed into a wall in Spain, killing at least 77 people and injuring 178, including 5 Americans.

The dramatic footage of one of Europe's worst rail disasters, obtained by Spanish newspaper El Pais, appeared to confirm reports that the train had been going too fast as it approached the city of Santiago de Compostela late Wednesday.

One the wrecked cars caught fire, while another slid up a grass embankment and came to rest next to a nearby road.

Images from the scene showed bodies covered in blankets and towels lying next to toppled and crushed carriages as rescuers worked to pull survivors out of broken windows.

"It was going so quickly. ... It seems that on a curve the train started to twist, and the wagons piled up one on top of the other," passenger Ricardo Montesco told Cadena Ser radio station, according to Reuters.

The driver - one of two in the cab at the time of the crash - has been put under formal investigation, a spokeswoman for Galicia's High Court told Reuters.?

Lavandeira Jr / EPA

Scores are killed and injured in a train derailment in NW Spain.

El Pais cited sources close to the investigation saying the driver stated immediately after the crash that he had been traveling at 118 mph on the curve, which had a speed limit of 49 mph.

Trapped in his wrecked cab, he reportedly told supervisors over the radio: ?"We're human! We're human," according to El Pais. "I hope there are no fatalities because they will fall on my conscience,"?he said, according to the newspaper?s source. NBC News was unable to immediately confirm the report.

Five U.S. citizens were among the injured, the State Department said in a statement. It said it had not received reports of any American fatalities but added that the situation "may change as we receive additional information."

There are reports of as many as 100 people wounded and doezens dead in a train derailment in northwestern Spain. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

All of the bodies had been removed from the wreckage by Thursday morning.

So many local residents lined up to donate blood that officials were forced to open additional donation points.

Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy. declared three days of national mourning after visiting the site.

"The scene is shocking, it's Dante-esque," the head of Spain's Galicia region, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, said in a radio interview, according to Reuters.

Local health officials said 178 were injured, of which 95 were still in hospital, of whom 36 - including four children - were in a critical condition.

The crash, which happened at 8:41 p.m. local time (2:41 p.m. ET) Wednesday, was Europe?s deadliest mainline train accident in more than 25 years and Spain's worst in four decades.

It also cast a shadow of tragedy over the entire Galicia region, which had been due to celebrate a public holiday Thursday.

Santiago de Compostela had been preparing for the festival of Saint James, when thousands of Christian pilgrims from around the world pack the streets. It is likely the train was packed full with people traveling for the holiday.

Officials said all of the celebrations, including a traditional High Mass at the city?s centuries-old cathedral, were canceled.

Xoan Rey / EPA

A group of volunteers waiting to give blood to help those injured in the train accident close to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Wednesday.

The eight-car Alvia express train was traveling from the capital, Madrid, to the city of Ferrol when it derailed about two miles short of Santiago de Compostela station, national train operator Renfe said in a statement.

Spain?s rail network is one of the most modern and successful in Europe, following decades of public investment.

Transport expert and author Christian Wolmar said it was not clear if high-tech safety systems, which override inputs by the driver, would have been in use at the time.

?On high speed lines, the European Train Control System should automatically correct the speed of the train, but this accident may have happened on a stretch of line which is not designated as high-speed,? he said.

Rail workers? union SEMAF expressed ?support for the comrade who has been implicated in this accident? as well as ?condolences? to the victims, according to RTVE.

The crash is Spain?s biggest disaster since the 2004 terror attack at Madrid?s Atocha station that left 191 dead, and its worst train crash since 1972 when a collision left 86 dead.

In November 2000, 155 people were killed when a fire in a tunnel engulfed a funicular train packed with skiers in Austria.

In Montenegro, up to 46 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in 2006 when a packed train derailed and plunged into a ravine outside the capital, Podgorica.

NBC News' Brinley Bruton and Jason Cumming and?Reuters contributed to this report.?

This story was originally published on

Source: http://feeds.nbcnews.com/c/35002/f/663309/s/2f221248/sc/11/l/0Lworldnews0Bnbcnews0N0C0Inews0C20A130C0A70C240C196619440Eat0Eleast0E770Edead0Ein0Eone0Eof0Eeuropes0Eworst0Erail0Edisasters0Ein0Edecades0Dlite/story01.htm

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বুধবার, ২৪ জুলাই, ২০১৩

Apple?s declining international sales should be its biggest worry right now

Apple dropped its Q3 2013 financial results?hours ago, and the dust is settling: iPhones up, iPads down, some less-bad-than-expected news, and overall, an after-hours Wall Street vote of confidence.

But international sales is a problem that Apple needs to fix.

Here?s a quick look at Apple and international markets, both year-over-year (YoY) and quarter-over-quarter (QoQ):

Sequentially, that?s down 19 percent, including the relatively strong Americas numbers. Year-over-year, that?s down 8 percent in Europe, 14 percent in China, and 18 percent in the rest of Asia Pacific, in spite of good news in Japan, which was up 27 percent.

In other words, outside of the tiny (but wealthy) island of Japan, international sales for Apple are pretty much in the crapper.

However, after listening to CEO Tim Cook on the earnings conference call, it?s not clear he gets how bad it is, and how much Apple needs an injection of passion and vision and (especially) product.

Speaking about international sales in general, and Chinese sales in particular ? where sales dropped sequentially from $8.2 billion to $4.6 billion ? Cook didn?t sound very concerned.

?In the arc of time,? Cook said in his very philosophical way, ?China is a huge opportunity.?I don?t get discouraged over a 90-day cycle.?

China AppleOf course China is a big opportunity. It?s 1.3 billion rapidly richifying people! And international is also a big opportunity: 75 percent of new phones the world is adding are in Asia and Africa.

The question, however, is whether Apple can take advantage of that opportunity ? whether it has the products to do so, or the strategy.

Analysts, who of course aren?t Apple and haven?t built the most-valuable company in the world, as Apple executives have, tend to believe that a cheaper iPhone will open up international markets in a big way.?So repeatedly, analysts on the after-earnings conference call asked Cook both circumspectly and directly about cheaper Apple iPhones, or new products, or new strategies to open new markets.

It wasn?t just Gene Munster this time.

But Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer were so careful to reveal nothing of future strategy that I started to feel like I was on an Amazon earnings call.

  • Katy Huberty, Morgan Stanley: New product will ship this fall, right?
    Oppenheimer and Cook: no real answer, but the earnings press release says yes
  • Bill Shope, Goldman Sachs: Do you have?increasing concerns on the high end of smartphone market?
    Cook: ?Our key catalyst for growth will be new products and services?in existing categories and new ??we have lots of growth opportunity.?
  • Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray: will you be releasing a cheaper iPhone?
    Cook: ?What we?ve seen is that the number of first-time smartphone buyers that the iPhone 4 is attracting is very impressive ? there are always more weapons ? but [iPhone 4]?is a great way for a customer to get into the iOS ecosystem ??we?re very glad to offer it.?
  • Steve Milunovich, UBS: are there new products in your Q4 forecast?
    Oppenheimer: ?I can?t comment on that.?
    Cook: ?We?re?here to make great products ??if we focus on that and do that really well, the financial metrics will also come.?

VB - Apple Depot Earbuds FTDAfter years of impressive international growth, Apple is not just flat-lining but actually declining. Absent?a $1.6 billion increase in sales close to home in the Americas, today?s earnings would have been a vastly different story. Even?retail sales were actually flat year-over-year, despite more stores, resulting in a drop in average store income from $11.1 million to $10.1 million in the quarter.

It?s pretty clear what the problem is: no significant new Apple products in Q3. And, of course, no cheaper iPhone to hit the lower end of the Americas market and the higher end of the international emerging nations market.

?Clearly, Apple needs new products to boost the bottom line (and it claims that it has them in the pipeline),? Arie Greengart of Current Analysis told me via email.

The question is: Does Cook and team have what it takes to make it happen??You have to believe Apple does, and you have to believe Cook does. But he sure is taking his sweet time to get there.

In fact, some analysts have given up on 2013 for AAPL:

?We believe FY13 will prove to be a year to forget but FY14 will prove to be a year of new product innovations, which we believe will prove positive for the stock price,? Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White told his subscribers in a research note after the earnings release.

A year is a long time to wait, on Wall Street.

Source: http://venturebeat.com/2013/07/23/apples-declining-international-sales-should-be-its-biggest-worry-right-now/

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Man United humbled again in Japan

Manchester United forward Shinji Kagawa shoots the ball against Yokohama Marinos defender Yuta Narawa during United's 3-2 loss in Japan. Source: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP

MANCHESTER United stumbled to a 3-2 defeat against Japan's Yokohama Marinos in their second loss in three games under new manager David Moyes.

The English champions fell behind after only a minute but they recovered to lead 2-1 heading into the second half thanks to Jesse Lindgard's strike and a Yokohama own goal.

But Fabio Aguiar headed the scores level before Yoshihito Fujita's winner three minutes from time removed further gloss from United's pre-season Asian tour.

"We had a chance to finish off the game at 2-1 and had a great chance to make it 3-1, and we thought we had chances after that as well but we didn't take them. So it was a tough game," said Moyes.

"It was the first time that I got a chance to see Shinji (Kagawa) playing. He had a great chance to score, but overall I was pleased to get him," added the Scot.

So far under Moyes, United have lost 1-0 in Bangkok and won 5-1 in Melbourne, and they got off to a horror start in hot and humid conditions in Yokohama.

The game was just a minute old when Brazilian striker Marquinhos latched on to a poor clearance from United custodian David de Gea to fire the hosts in front from inside the box.

The setback stung the Premier League champions and talented Belgian teen Adnan Januzaj nearly put them level with a crisp strike which was just off-target.

Januzaj, 18, then got back to head a chance off the line but it was new signing Wilfried Zaha who orchestrated United's opener when he drifted past his man into the box.

The ex-Crystal Palace man's low cross caused mayhem and it was Lindgard on hand to net his third goal in two games, after Saturday's brace against the A-League All-Stars.

Yokohama handed United the lead when Januzaj, United's reserve team player of last season, fired a free-kick which came off the unfortunate Masakazu Tashiro and over the line.

But the hosts were back on terms after the break when de Gea failed to deal with a corner and Brazilian defender Fabio Aguiar's header moved the score to 2-2.

Kagawa drew a huge cheer when he came on just after the hour-mark, and United's Japanese playmaker nearly raised the roof when he got clear -- but his shot failed to beat the 'keeper.

Ashley Young hit one into the side-netting but it was Yokohama who had the final word when Fujita swept home the winning goal in the 87th minute.

Moyes, facing the stiff challenge of following Alex Ferguson's 27-year, trophy-laden reign, now leads his team west for a game against Japan's Cerezo Osaka on Friday.


Source: http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/manchester-united-humbled-again-in-japan-against-yokohama-marinos/story-e6frf423-1226684034310?from=public_rss

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Syrian rebels target regime supply lines in north

BEIRUT (AP) ? Activists say an al-Qaida-linked group has warned civilians not to use a road linking central Syria with the northern province of Aleppo, declaring it a military zone.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Aleppo Media Center said Tuesday that Jabhat al-Nusra, or the Nusra Front, is threatening to target any vehicle using the road starting Wednesday. A copy of the warning was posted online.

Activists have reported heavy fighting near the road, which links the central province of Hama with the embattled city of Aleppo.

The regime uses the route to ferry supplies to its forces in the north because the rebels already have severed the main north-south highway that connects Damascus with Aleppo.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/syrian-rebels-target-regime-supply-lines-north-095151825.html

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মঙ্গলবার, ২৩ জুলাই, ২০১৩

French mayor faces punishment over Nazi slur

PARIS: France?s interior minister called Tuesday for a lawmaker to be ?severely punished? after a journalist recorded him allegedly saying that Hitler may not have killed enough Roma.

Gilles Bourdouleix, a lawmaker and mayor of the western town of Cholet, reportedly muttered the words Sunday as he confronted members of the traveling community who had illegally set up camp, according to a recording posted on the site of regional daily Courrier de l?Ouest.

?Maybe Hitler did not kill enough,? Bourdouleix is heard saying after the Roma had reportedly given him the Nazi salute.

Bourdouleix, who is a member of the lower house National Assembly with the centrist Union of Democrats and Independents party, said his comments were taken out of context and alleged the recording was tampered with.

Confrontations between French authorities and Roma ? nomadic people widely known as Gypsies who were killed in their hundreds of thousands by the Nazis ? erupt frequently.

The comments have caused an uproar. Interior Minister Manuel Valls described them Tuesday as ?unacceptable? and called for the lawmaker to be ?very severely punished by law.?

?These comments are a defense of crimes committed in the second world war, a defense of Nazism and coming from a mayor, from a member of parliament, it?s completely intolerable,? he said on TV channel i-TELE.

The case has already been referred to public prosecutors who will examine whether his comments constitute a ?defense of crimes against humanity?, said authorities in Maine-et-Loire, the department where Cholet is located.

He faces up to five years in prison and a 45,000 euro ($60,000) fine if convicted on the charge.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Bourdouleix?s comments were ?not worthy of an elected representative? and were ?punishable by law.?

Bourdouleix also risks being kicked out of his UDI party, whose executive committee meets Wednesday.

?I hope Mr. Bourdouleix?s political party will take on its responsibilities, because this is unacceptable behaviour and not the first time for this man,? Ayrault said.

Bourdouleix has made controversial remarks about Roma in the past, including in November 2010 when he threatened to drive a truck through one of their caravan camps, and last November when he said France was facing a ?new invasion? from the community.

The lawmaker defended his latest remark, telling AFP Monday his comments had been taken out of context and pointing to ?cuts? in the recording, which he alleges was tampered with.

France has a policy of systematically dismantling illegal camps and repatriating Roma of Bulgarian and Romanian nationality ? a policy whose legality has been questioned by the European Union, the United Nations? human rights arm and other watchdogs.

The European Association for the Defense of Human Rights says almost 12,000 Roma were evicted from camps across France last year, 80 percent of them forcibly.

Source: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/International/2013/Jul-23/224761-french-lawmaker-on-defensive-over-hitler-reference.ashx

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Ryan Braun, HGH In The NFL, And Why No One Really Cares About Steroids In Sports

Ryan Braun (Credit: AP)

Major League Baseball announced Monday that it had reached an agreement with Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun over his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Braun will be suspended without pay for the rest of the season ? 65 games ? a shorter term than the 100 games MLB was reportedly seeking, but in exchange, he won?t be able to appeal the ruling.

This is almost surely the start of something bigger, since Braun is the first one implicated in the Biogenesis scandal that apparently involves at least 20 Major Leaguers, including Alex Rodriguez. Braun?s admission, as Wendy Thurm suggested, could be evidence that MLB actually has good, hard evidence coming from the cooperation of Biogenesis founder and crank doctor Tony Bosch. Braun, who escaped a previous suspension only on technicality then swore he was innocent, was among the biggest fish for MLB here, but there are going to be more suspensions. We won?t know how they will play out or how MLB will pursue them until more details of the Braun deal emerge.

But I?m not convinced anyone outside the media and Major League Baseball?s front office cares that much. And I?m not convinced that anyone really cares all that much about steroids in sports, period. Fans sure don?t seem to ? it appears the outrage that was once there in baseball is gone, and the fact that half of the National Football League looks like drug-infused lab rats doesn?t seem to bother anyone either. Most of the anger leveled at Braun, from his teammates and otherwise, stems not from the fact that he did steroids but from the fact that he lied about doing steroids.

On the same day MLB announced Braun?s suspension, the NFL and its Players Association announced that they were resuming talks about how to test for human growth hormone (HGH). That should elicit a collective yawn from across America, since they agreed to testing in 2011 but have yet to reach an agreement on how to carry it out. Both sides have appeared in front of Congress and both say they?re making ?serious progress? toward an agreement. I?ll believe it when I see it, especially since the Players Association has legitimate concerns about how that testing will be done and if it will be administered in a way that respects due process.

The integrity of the game is a nice thing to aspire to, but we?re not going to rid the world of performance-enhancing drugs any time soon, or ever. Fans love to proclaim that they want a clean game, but they also enjoy what steroids create: longer home runs, harder hits, stronger and faster players, and more entertaining sporting events. It?s not a coincidence that baseball turned a blind eye to the steroid era when it needed to bring fans back to the ballpark after the 1994 strike that canceled the World Series ? the 1998 home run chase and the high scores that resulted from a more offensive-oriented game were exactly what it needed. And since pressure from fans might be the only real deterrent to drug use, it isn?t going to stop.

That steroid era was propped up on lies ? from the league, the players, and the media ? and this one is too. The lie now, though, isn?t that players are using steroids but that we can rid the game of them. And the people who matter are no longer ignoring steroids but are ignoring instead the evidence that shows their testing policies won?t work. Need proof? Look at Tyson Gay or the Jamaican track team. Look at Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez. Look at Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France. All of those athletes are tested frequently, and they still doped. If that?s not enough, try study after study that shows that drug testing doesn?t actually deter drug use, not for professionals, college kids, or high schoolers, not for marijuana or steroids.

The economic incentives make drug use not just prevalent but rational, and because of that, the testers will always be behind the users and developers. We?re kidding ourselves into what Sports On Earth?s Patrick Hruby has called the Sports War On Drugs, and not only is it not working, it?s helping organizations like Major League Baseball evade due process and use shady legal tactics to get what they need and do whatever they please, all in a quest to achieve the impossible.

So even if people do care about steroids, the way sports are trying to rid themselves of drugs is a waste of time. It?s also a waste of money and a waste of an opportunity to actually do something productive. If we?d stop pretending otherwise, we might be able to figure out how to limit drug use and make it safer too, whether through better education and awareness programs or through, as some have suggested, legalization and regulation of the drugs so many athletes are already using.

Source: http://thinkprogress.org.feedsportal.com/c/34726/f/638927/s/2f0f60ad/sc/13/l/0Lthinkprogress0Borg0Csports0C20A130C0A70C230C23399310Cryan0Ebraun0Esuspended0C/story01.htm

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Female journalists took to Twitter to thank


RCR Regular
Registered: 05/07
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Reply with quote ?#1?
Female journalists took to Twitter to thank the woman who many said helped shatter the perception that political journalism was a profession only suited for bourbon-quaffing men.Copper Season 2 Episode 5 Copper Season 2 Episode 5 Copper Season 2 Episode 5 Copper Season 2 Episode 5 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8?Helen Thomas made it possible for all of us who followed: woman pioneer journalist broke barriers died today,? tweeted NBC News? Andrea Mitchell.Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 8 The Venture Bros. Season 5 Episode 8 The Venture Bros. Season 5 Episode 8 Tia & Tamera Season 3 Episode 2 Tia & Tamera Season 3 Episode 2 Tia & Tamera Season 3 Episode 2 Tia & Tamera Season 3 Episode 2 Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 1 Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 1 Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 1?Any woman who has had the privilege of sitting in the front row of the White House briefing room owes huge debt of gratitude to Helen Thomas,? tweeted Julie Pace, White House correspondent for the Associated Press.Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 1 The Killing Season 3 Episode 9 The Killing Season 3 Episode 9 The Killing Season 3 Episode 9 The Killing Season 3 Episode 9 Skins (UK) Season 7 Episode 4 Skins (UK) Season 7 Episode 4 Skins (UK) Season 7 Episode 4 Skins (UK) Season 7 Episode 4 Adventure Time Season 5 Episode 28?RIP Helen Thomas - died this morning at 92. Amazing trail blazer, fearless journalist and friend & mentor to so many women reporter,? Judy Woodruff, host of PBS Newshour, tweeted.Adventure Time Season 5 Episode 28 Adventure Time Season 5 Episode 28 Breaking Amish Season 2 Episode 1 Breaking Amish Season 2 Episode 1 City Girl Diaries Episode 1 City Girl Diaries Episode 1 City Girl Diaries Episode 1 High School USA! Episode 1 High School USA! Episode 1 Tattoo Rescue Episode 1Thomas was also remembered fondly by those who faced her brash style of questioning in the White House briefing room.Tattoo Rescue Episode 1 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 Episode 14 Whodunnit? Episode 5 Whodunnit? Episode 5?Rest in peace, Helen Thomas. First day I ever took the podium she came to encourage me,? tweeted Dana Perino, who served as press secretary to President George W. Bush.Naked and Afraid Episode 5 Naked and Afraid Episode 5 Naked and Afraid Episode 5 The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Episode 8 The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Episode 8 The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Episode 8 The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Episode 8 Top Hooker Episode 8 Top Hooker Episode 8

Source: http://roughcutreviews.forumchitchat.com/post/Female-journalists-took-to-Twitter-to-thank-6436614

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US Treasury Secretary Lew in Greece for talks

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew urged Greece on Sunday to continue its efforts to stabilize its debt-ridden economy and capitalize on the sacrifices already made "to ensure prosperity and growth for generations to come."

Lew was on a one-day visit to Greece after attending a Group of 20 summit in Russia.

In an hour-long meeting with Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras, Lew discussed Greece's austerity program, its long-term prospects, and visits the so-called troika of Greece's creditors ? the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund ? have made to Greece, said Dimitris Kanellisa, a Finance Ministry spokesman.

Later, Lew met with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras at an unusual setting, the Acropolis Museum, not the Greek leader's office.

Samaras is due to meet President Barack Obama in Washington next month.

"Our talks focused on the obvious challenges of stability and growth," Samaras told reporters before he and Lew dined under the Acropolis. "We need stability in the region to boost growth, which for us means jobs, investment opportunities and prosperity."

Lew said the U.S. is closely following Greece's efforts to end its economic crisis.

"We recognize the difficult decisions and sheer sacrifices made by Greece in the past few years, as well as the challenges that remain," he said. "Continued reform will be essential to laying the foundations for future growth."

Lew also said, "Engagement with Europe remains at the top of my agenda because U.S. jobs and growth are inextricably linked with European prosperity."

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/us-treasury-secretary-lew-greece-103049009.html

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79 Yoox Leather tote bag review - Extra Petite | Petite Fashion, Style ...

**As most of you already know, the Nordies Anniversary sale has begun! My attempts to find riding boots and a not-too-trendy leather jacket early on were unsuccessful, but here are a few picks if you're shopping the sale. As always, free shipping and free returns on everything.
- More rugged/utility style trench option: Burberry Brit trench coat w/ detachable hood
- Conservative work staple: Halogen seamed pencil skirt starting in 00P and 7 color options
- Absolutely love my Stella & Dot arrow necklace that is now sold out. Similar option in gold or silver.
- Basic bras starting in a harder-to-find 30 band size. I have not tried these, but they came recommended by reader Alannah:?"I gotta shout from the rooftops about Nordstrom's new BP Undercover juniors lingerie line. All bra styles come in a 30D and other 30 sizes, and the quality is FAB."**

On to today's review...?after a slow search for a light-colored work bag, I?m happy to have found a winner (an affordable one, to boot). I first stumbled across this purse on Yoox?while searching for a ?similar? recommendation for my cobalt blue satchel. Their huge selection of genuine leather bags and small-sized shoes on sale is almost overwhelming, so it took me a while to browse before placing an order.
prada bag for less3

For me, shopping for work bags has always been a struggle between finding something that could fit a large laptop (the bane of my daily commute), yet doesn?t overwhelm my 5 feet tall frame in size or weight.?This bag met all of my needs at a very fair price for genuine leather.?

I tend to gravitate towards the same few styles, and didn't realize how similar the general look of this bag was was to my Prada tote.?The first day I had it sitting on my desk at work, conversation from passerby traffic went something like this:

?- #1, very keen male boss (whom I go shopping with): ?Ooo, a knockoff of your camel bag!?

?- #2, semi-keen female colleague: ?Is that a new Prada? Oh wait?it looks similar, but cheaper no offense.?

?- #3, female colleague: ?Wow, you got the same bag in a different color??

Parentesi bag review2
I won't say the bag is a dupe given noticeable differences in quality, however it is a similar style for less. Continue reading for my review...

Parentesi bag review4
Ways to wear it:?1) Over the shoulder (short 6" handle drop, so this won't work for everyone), 2) hand-held, 3) on the crook of the elbow, 4) cross-body, or 5) slung on the shoulder. The strap is unfortunately not adjustable, and is too long for me to wear it the last way as-is.
Parentesi bag review3
Size:?I now have a smaller laptop?(12" x 9")?at work?and wanted a bag that could contain that, plus a wallet, shoes, makeup pouch, and snacks without any excess bulk.?This bag measures 13" wide x 10" high x 5.5" deep (1" taller and wider than Prada BN2274). Handle drop is 6" and shoulder strap is 41" long. It fits all of the aforementioned items, and I feel still looks acceptable against my frame. The leather is thinner and more pliable than the Prada's, which allows the bag to hold more stuff, more easily.
prada bag for less1
Parentesi bag review
Material: I wanted?something semi-stain, water, and scuff resistant, but with more structure than my usual Longchamp tote. Since I haul so much on a daily basis, the bag needs to be lightweight on its own (I?ve tried on so many empty bags that felt like bricks!). I was open to treated leather, coated canvas, or even nylon in a more structured frame.
prada bag for less2
Th material of this bag is pebbled, pliable coated leather. The website lists this as real leather, but unfortunately I could find no other details on the material or how it was treated. The color in-person is ivory with grey-ish tints in the pebbling (not stark white) and is very easy to pair. I?also use a base shaper for this bag, since the softer leather will probably sag with more weight.
Prada bag for less
Quality: I think the quality is very fair for the price, and in my opinion comparable to mid-tier bag brands like Michael Kors. One thing that cheapens the look of this bag a little is the rippling of the leather when there are weighty things inside (you can see this in the above photos where I am carrying it). This happens with the Prada tote too, but less so due to the stiffer and thicker saffiano leather.

Since I had the Prada on hand for comparison, I noticed other quality differences include the lack of finished/waxed edges, the lower-quality hardware, the lack of side clips for the shoulder strap (a biggie - they have to clip to the handle hardware instead), and the un-adjustability of the strap. I?m thinking of taking the strap to a cobbler to shorten ? any DIY ideas are appreciated!
Parentesi bag review1
Customer Service:?This company is based in Italy but has a distribution warehouse in NJ. Shipping is free for orders $195+, and returns (need to be made within 20 days of delivery) using their UPS label are a flat $6. My packages arrived quickly - within two business days each time. A few days after placing an order, I saw that the price of one of my items went down. I contacted Customer Service, and they responded within 1 day with a price adjustment.

All in all, I recommend this bag as a basic, everyday satchel, and am tempted to also pick up the bright blue one (my current one doesn't fit a laptop). I'm holding off on the duplicate purchase to see how this one holds up over time. I also ordered several pairs of leather shoes from Yoox (keepers were these flat sandals?and these ankle-strap sandals), and was very pleased with the quality. Will be doing a review shortly!

Source: http://www.extrapetite.com/2013/07/79-yoox-leather-tote-bag-review-prada.html

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রবিবার, ২১ জুলাই, ২০১৩

Grandson arrested after elderly men found in squalid Texas home

Police car lights. (QMI Agency)

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HOUSTON - The grandson of the owner of a home where four elderly men were found living in squalor after being reported as potential captives was arrested and charged with elder abuse, police said on Saturday.

Three of the men found at the home in north Houston on Friday were in stable condition on Saturday at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, where they were being treated for malnutrition, police said.

The fourth elderly man was taken to police headquarters for questioning by detectives, said police spokeswoman Jodi Silva.

All four told authorities they had been forced to turn over their government-issued checks, including those for veterans? benefits, police said.

?Any statements made by the victims are being investigated thoroughly,? Silva said.

Police arrested Walter Jones, 31, whose grandmother owns the home, and charged him with injury to the elderly by act and injury to the elderly by omission.

Police discovered the men living in filth in a converted garage at the home after receiving a tip on Friday about potential captives being held there.

Three men, aged 80, 74 and one in his 50s, were living in the garage in a room with double locks on the door and a single chair, Houston police spokesman Kees Smith said. There was no toilet and no beds, police said.

No information was released about the age of the fourth man, who also was living in the room.

According to tax records, the 50-year-old home was just over 1,400 square feet (130 square metres). Police believed that nearly 10 people had been living there. The three-bedroom, 1.5-bath home has a converted garage painted bright purple, with bars on the door and windows and a linoleum floor.

?All four are telling the officers at the scene they were enticed to that location with promises of beer and cigarettes and not allowed to leave, and then forced to turn over checks such as veterans? checks,? Smith said.

Police said the men provided conflicting accounts about how long they have been at the house. Some initially reported being there as long as 10 years but were changing their stories.

The discovery comes two months after three women were freed from a decade of imprisonment in a Cleveland, Ohio house where police say they were repeatedly raped and brutalized by their captor. In that case, a former school bus driver, Ariel Castro, has pleaded not guilty to 977 kidnap, rape and other charges.

In addition to the men, three females with disabilities, whose ages have not been released, were also found living in the main part of the house, but were not being held against their will, police said.

Source: http://www.torontosun.com/2013/07/20/grandson-arrested-after-elderly-men-found-in-squalid-texas-home

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