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Late-day rally sends stocks higher; Dow rises 143 (AP)

NEW YORK ? Stocks are closing higher after another day of big swings.

Investors struggled to make sense of mixed economic reports Thursday. First-time applications for unemployment benefits fell and the government raised its estimate of economic growth in the April-June period. But a survey showed that chief executives of the nation's largest companies are more pessimistic than they were just three months ago.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 143 points, or 1.3 percent, to 11,154. It had been down as many as 45 points. The S&P 500 index rose 9, or 0.8 percent, to 1,160. The Nasdaq composite fell 11, or 0.4 percent, to 2,481.

Three stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange. Volume was about average at 4.5 billion shares.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/stocks/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110929/ap_on_bi_st_ma_re/us_wall_street

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15+ Best Real Estate Themes for WordPress

15+ Best Real Estate Themes for WordPress

As a real estate agent, we know you want the best themes WordPress has to offer, so in this post we compiled 15 of the highest quality real estate themes for WordPress out there. They are all very simple to use and comes loaded with features critical to your real estate business. Some of these features include uploading listings, integrating Google Maps, and customizing your search results.

1. AgentPress


2. WP Pro Real Estate 2

WP Pro Real Estate 2

3. Templatic Real Estate Theme

Templatic Real Estate Theme

4. Openhouse


5. Estate Theme

Estate Theme

6. Elegant Estate

Elegant Estate

7. deLuxe


8. deCondo


9. Real Estate Gold

Real Estate Gold

10. Quick Start Theme

Quick Start

11. Our Home Theme

Our Home Theme

12. Elegant Real Estate

Elegant Real Estate

13. Villa Grande

Villa Grande

14. WP Pro Real Estate

WP Pro Real Estate

15. Theme Forest Real Estate Theme

Theme Forest Real Estate Theme

Free Wordpress Blog Setup

Source: http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/15-best-real-estate-themes-for-wordpress/

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Darnell Dockett adjusting to new role - Fantasy Sports

A new defensive coordinator in Arizona brought new responsibilities for Darnell Dockett. No longer is Dockett just a lineman looking to disrupt the quarterback. ?His role now more closely resembles a defensive end in Pittsburgh, who has to read, react, and swallow up double teams more often. Dockett?s numbers will probably take a hit, but?

Click to continue reading this fantasy sports article at ProFootballTalk.


Source: http://www.fantasysportsdish.com/darnell-dockett-adjusting-to-new-role/

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Epcot Food Wine Festival Run

Epcot Food Wine FestivalIt?s billed as ?The ultimate runner?s night out,? and the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon is all that ? and a couple days of fun at Walt Disney World Resort. ?The Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon event is this weekend at the Walt Disney World Resort.

A sellout field of more than 12,500 participants will begin a 13.1-mile course through three theme parks at 10 p.m. Oct. 1, 2011. Along the way, there?ll be Disney entertainment. And after the finish, there?s a special after-hours party inside the?Epcot International Food & Wine Festival until 3 a.m. on Oct. 2.

The weekend also features:

  • Disney Halloween 5K ? a fun-filled course through Disney?s Animal Kingdom Oct. 1, 2011 (7 a.m.)
  • Disney Kids? Races ? something for ?crawlers? (12 months old and younger) to children ages 7-8 at ESPN Wide World of Sports track & field complex Oct. 1, 2011 (10 a.m.)
  • Disney Health & Fitness Expo ? There will be seminars on training, racing, and nutrition featuring speakers and panelists from the world of running plus Official Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Merchandise and the latest in apparel and fitness equipment in HP Field House and Jostens Center at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Sept. 30, 2011 (10 a.m.-8 p.m.) and Oct. 1, 2011 (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)

The Wine & Dine Half Marathon is sold out, but you can still register for the other weekend events at Disney World. ?Visit?rundisney.com for more information and to register for one of these additional events.

Book your Disney & Orlando vacation with a local travel agency. World famous services, free gifts, guaranteed lowest prices, and all at no cost to you! Book your vacation with the local experts - we live where you're traveling! Call us at 877-918-8941 or visit us online

Source: http://www.destinationsinflorida.com/blog/index.php/2011/09/28/ultimate-running-event-disney-world/

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Real Estate Information ? Blog Archive ? Buying a Vacation House ...

If you?re thinking about buying a vacation house and find yourself waking up longing for the warmth of the California sun, look no further than Long Beach in the south of California. With a population just over 450,000, this California town is bursting with excitement, making it the perfect place for vacation escapades.

California is known for ideal weather, with lows averaging in the 40s and highs averaging in the 70s or 80s, and Long Beach is no exception to this rule. After buying a vacation house here, you?ll find mild winters and dry summers, making it the perfect vacation escape from the Midwest. Just one visit to this sunny city will make you feel right at home and eager for your next visit.

The opportunity to partake in outdoor sports and recreation is a great perk that comes with buying a vacation house in such a beautiful city. Whether you prefer a land sport, such as beach volleyball, or prefer to splash around in the ocean on a jet ski, Long Beach has all of the action that you?re looking for. After you purchase a vacation house here, try your luck at a new activity!

Take to the streets when the sun begins to fall to experience the exciting nightlife in Long Beach. Be prepared to hit the dance floor with locals and vacationers alike as you take in the sounds of salsa, rock n? roll, jazz and everything in between! If you?re looking for more of a quiet evening spent in close quarters with loved ones, check out Gladstone?s restaurant. With a menu that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters and free entertainment on weekends, this waterfront restaurant is definitely a place you?ll want to check out after buying a vacation house in Long Beach.

The variety of annual events and activities may have you planning your trips to your new vacation house months in advance. The Annual Long Beach Oktoberfest is quite the crowd-pleaser, with carnival rides, games and food for all ages! This festival is something that your family and friends will look forward to each year. If the festival scene doesn?t tickle your fancy, check out Long Beach State?s sporting events. A basketball game, tennis match or soccer game would be a great opportunity for a family outing! After buying a vacation house in Long Beach, you are sure to have access to tons of events that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

So, if you?re considering buying a vacation house, look no further than the welcoming, sunny town of Long Beach, CA. There are a variety of housing options suitable for every budget and family! You?ll be eager to plan your trips here time after time.

Are you interested in buying another house? Do you want to be in the know as to what is available in the real estate market? Or are you after awesome insider info about great real estate discovery visits and stay and play packages? If you answered yes, then I strongly suggest you go and click this link to visit PreviewStay, the number one source for real estate on the net.


Source: http://neurai.net/buying-a-vacation-house-in-long-beach-ca/

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Function and Significance of Health and fitness in Anxiety Conduite ...

Nowadays, almost everything is so competitive and this leads to pressure. To deal with stress fitness plays an essential position. If you are healthy and suit, you very easily manage your anxiety.

Most individuals are shedding their bodyweight to preserve by themselves suit and wholesome. It is quite essential for folks to recognize that being physically match and getting thin are not constantly extensive.

A man or woman who is skinny but does not physical exercise frequently may have low energy, clogged arteries, and problem concentrating at job. On the other hand, a body fat man or woman can have a powerful heart and superb energy at task because of to regular exercise. It is important to maintain in the mind that a person, who is overweight, irregardless of his fitness degree, is at threat for well being harms.

Maintaining health and fitness improves strength and electricity of the physique and thoughts. Some men and women may disagree with this declaration, particularly soon after they begin an exercising program and they are sore, exhausted, and prepared to stop. Inform the men and women that the moment they get on far more physically energetic lifestyle, they will slowly start to feel far better, their bodies will be inclined to burn off extra fat much better, and they will lose bodyweight. In addition, this improved energy transfers into currently being a lot more creative at task and at home.

Strengthening fitness allows a person feel well when beneath pressure or acute tension. Use the following information to make clear this complex procedure. When we are under strain or stress, our heart beats more rapidly, we could begin to sweat, and we could breathe harder. If our bodies are not utilized to people adjustments (strain or stress), we are likely to have a tough time pondering and controlling the pressure. When we are energetic, the very same alterations in our bodies take location. If we are obtaining enjoyment and considering whilst we are energetic, then our bodies get practice for dealing with the enhanced heart beats, breathing, etc. Also, the far more match a individual is, the far more action is required to make these alterations in the human body. As a result, when a particular person gets in a worrying circumstance or extreme stress, a suit entire body is not heading to react as radically as an unfit physique. A better head and functionality to handle tension will certainly get much better function performance.

Escalating health and fitness improves power and bones. This advantage is understandable. For a person, who have employment that need bodily exertion, sturdy power and muscular tissues lead to far better functionality and a lessen possibility for injuries.

Associated Tension Management Posts

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Source: http://www.selfcareinfo.com/function-and-significance-of-health-and-fitness-in-anxiety-conduite/

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Get Qualified Work Presentation by SZI Outsourcing | For Your Big ...

From providing staff to our customers, creating their infrastructure, to sourcing their products, we strive to sell and deploy business outsourcing solutions that add value. Our business process management saves our client money with no upfront costs or long term projected gains. Our customer support services help you reap abundant benefits in productivity, growth potential, and substantial savings from the onset. Our achievements in managing your business are measured by the effective deployment and added strength we bring to our clients. We aim to employ global strategic business solutions to empower businesses by providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in the new world economy, thus allowing companies of any size to enjoy longevity, success, and a competitive advantage in both prosperous and challenging time. SZI Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the nation largest distributors of information technology software and equipment.

With our extensive selection and fast turnaround SZI Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. has been able to separate itself from its competitors as a true innovator in providing our customers the best prices along with exceptional service. Our competitive edge is our use of the newest e commerce technology backed by millions of dollars in infrastructure to bring you our internet shopping site. The services we offer are popular throughout the India. This gives us the capabilities to process your orders quickly and tremendously cut down process times. The customer support at SZI Outsourcing works hard to get our customers the best prices on today hottest emerging technologies and proudly stands behind the products we carry with our satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to honesty, fairness, and integrity in our dealings has helped our product sales business grow through the loyalty and recommendations of our customers.

The company was founded with the goal of working and assisting small businesses. While state of the art technology and global communications have provided ample benefits to large firms in virtually all industries, many small businesses have been left behind, as they cannot afford or have limited access to the same products and services. Our focus as a business solutions provider is a dedication to helping small businesses acquire cutting edge business hardware, business process outsourcing services, and direct product sourcing with a scalable and affordable pricing structure. Our works with today leading business providers along with our clients in the United States, Australia, Canada and India have placed us in a strategic position to facilitate our mission and achieve better efficiency and increased savings. For more details visit: www.szioutsourcing.com

Source: http://www.bigforkalums.com/?p=1037

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Drinking Coffee May Help Lower the Risk of Depression in Women [Health]

Drinking Coffee May Help Lower the Risk of Depression in WomenLike millions of other people, drinking coffee makes me happy. A new study, which looked at only women, supports the idea that coffee drinking has strong mental health effects: two or more cups a day was associated with reduced depression risk.

The Nurses' Health Study evaluated over 50,000 women in the US through questionnaires from 1980 through 2004, and identified depression cases in a 10-year follow-up period. Women who drank two or three cups of coffee a day had 15% less risk of depression, compared to those who drank one or less cups of coffee a week, and those who drank four or more cups a day had a 20% decreased risk.

Researchers are quick to note that this (as with most studies) just proves association, not cause and effect, and the results don't necessarily mean you should start drinking more coffee. But, with the bad rap coffee (or caffeine) gets sometimes, it's nice to get some possible positive news too. Photo by Stephen Cummings.

Drink Coffee, Stay Happy? | WebMD

You can follow or contact Melanie Pinola, the author of this post, on Twitter or Google+.

Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/fUxQQ24zG8c/drinking-coffee-may-help-lower-the-risk-of-depression-in-women

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Budget Hotels in Bangalore Things to do Will Absolutely be Offered ...

Good quality Budget Hotels in Bangalore

Deluxe lodgings are generally Budget Hotels in Bangalore that offers substantial excellent and substantial standards of service. These components will provide you with private villas or apartments that happen to be surrounded by gardens and lush pool locations. The service and high quality that is certainly accessible in these resorts is what any individual would expect from a five superstar vacation resort or motel, these areas offer just about something that you?d probably need when on the vacation with a tropical island like Bali. Budget Hotels in Bangalore activities will surely be supplied in home, with other tours offered that the resort or destination will arrange for you.

Every season brings its own benefits and down sides. The winter season is cold and prolonged, but it might be romantic. Summer months is hot but summer months holidays are excellent. Nonetheless, when you forgot to complete all factors that provide comfort through the seasons you happen to be most likely to invest your holiday getaway working and fixing the injury Budget Hotels in Bangalore brought on by these drawbacks. Plumbing metrics in opening and closing a holiday cottage can give you closer insight in issues you are intended to try and do before you leave your cottage.

Budget Hotels in Bangalore Based on whatever you like to try and do while in the warmer many weeks, you may possibly come across log cabins easily obtainable in the woods or within the mountains. You may perhaps come across cottages for rent about the beaches together the coast. Or even a luxurious flat creating in a very location location may possibly be just the best getaway.

You may even look at a beautiful location condo on some tropical island. This might be very a getaway. It would appear like your personal house in Budget Hotels in Bangalore paradise. And you can cook to spend less cash on foods, or go into a different restaurant every working day.

Anyhow if you are still obtaining issues while using things you would like to do try with these beneficial advices. Closing the holiday cottage is awfully, but crucial when you wish to take pleasure in the subsequent period. Maintaining up the cottage indicates keeping up the plumbing system, somewhat tat avoiding to try and do such and do the repairs a comprehensive week. you should think via rigorously and begin from the start off.

Budget Hotels in Bangalore accommodations offer you the ideal that is for sale in Bali. The hotels decor is generally superbly wonderful with excellent services. These hotels have everything that you?ll need, coffee store, first-class cafes, and leisure facilities with lots of them providing shops around the inn you could look through all around. Whatsoever you?re shopping to complete or whatsoever you think ought to be provided by the major accommodations when on vacation, you?ll find it at these types of resorts. The cafes are going to be earth course offering not just community cuisine, but a enormous wide variety of international dishes to satisfy Budget Hotels in Bangalore even by far the most discerning palate

Transithotels.in is the one of the pioneers in this segment offering some of the finest service apartments in Bangalore, India. We offer safe, secure and economical Serviced apartments / accommodations in Garden city, Bangalore India, be it for work or for pleasure.

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Health & Fitness


Home and Family

Home Improvement



News & Society


Real Estate


Self Improvement







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By Durai Samy

Good quality Budget Hotels in Bangalore

Deluxe lodgings are generally Budget Hotels in Bangalore that offers substantial excellent and substantial standards of service. These components will provide you with private villas or apartments that happen to be surrounded by gardens and lush pool locations. The service and high quality that is certainly accessible in these resorts is what any individual would expect from a five superstar vacation resort or motel, these areas offer just about something that you?d probably need when on the vacation with a tropical island like Bali. Budget Hotels in Bangalore activities will surely be supplied in home, with other tours offered that the resort or destination will arrange for you.

Every season brings its own benefits and down sides. The winter season is cold and prolonged, but it might be romantic. Summer months is hot but summer months holidays are excellent. Nonetheless, when you forgot to complete all factors that provide comfort through the seasons you happen to be most likely to invest your holiday getaway working and fixing the injury Budget Hotels in Bangalore brought on by these drawbacks. Plumbing metrics in opening and closing a holiday cottage can give you closer insight in issues you are intended to try and do before you leave your cottage.

Budget Hotels in Bangalore Based on whatever you like to try and do while in the warmer many weeks, you may possibly come across log cabins easily obtainable in the woods or within the mountains. You may perhaps come across cottages for rent about the beaches together the coast. Or even a luxurious flat creating in a very location location may possibly be just the best getaway.

You may even look at a beautiful location condo on some tropical island. This might be very a getaway. It would appear like your personal house in Budget Hotels in Bangalore paradise. And you can cook to spend less cash on foods, or go into a different restaurant every working day.

Anyhow if you are still obtaining issues while using things you would like to do try with these beneficial advices. Closing the holiday cottage is awfully, but crucial when you wish to take pleasure in the subsequent period. Maintaining up the cottage indicates keeping up the plumbing system, somewhat tat avoiding to try and do such and do the repairs a comprehensive week. you should think via rigorously and begin from the start off.

Budget Hotels in Bangalore accommodations offer you the ideal that is for sale in Bali. The hotels decor is generally superbly wonderful with excellent services. These hotels have everything that you?ll need, coffee store, first-class cafes, and leisure facilities with lots of them providing shops around the inn you could look through all around. Whatsoever you?re shopping to complete or whatsoever you think ought to be provided by the major accommodations when on vacation, you?ll find it at these types of resorts. The cafes are going to be earth course offering not just community cuisine, but a enormous wide variety of international dishes to satisfy Budget Hotels in Bangalore even by far the most discerning palate

Transithotels.in is the one of the pioneers in this segment offering some of the finest service apartments in Bangalore, India. We offer safe, secure and economical Serviced apartments / accommodations in Garden city, Bangalore India, be it for work or for pleasure.

Transithotels.in is the one of the pioneers in this segment offering some of the finest service apartments in Bangalore, India. We offer safe, secure and economical Serviced apartments / accommodations in Garden city, Bangalore India, be it for work or for pleasure.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies

- tinyurl.com - Right now there are real estate investors making thousands of dollars each month. These real estate investors are flipping houses without their own money, without credit and some have Zero experience. We are currently in the biggest housing crisis our country has ever seen. I?m going to unveil some of the most closely guarded secrets the top real estate investors want to keep quite. They are closely-guarded secrets that will revolutionize your beliefs about what is truly possible in the world of real estate investing. Most investors using these secrets are making so much money they do not want any competition. I am here to share with you real proven methods every day people are using to make 00, 000 and even 000 in less than a month. I know beginning real estate investors making more money in one month than they had made in the past year. The best part about it all is that you can get started with very little money. Learn more about real estate investing strategies here tinyurl.com

Source: http://ethicalforeclosurefortunes.com/real-estate-investing-strategies/

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Real Estate, Apartment Building Cash Flow System

Discover the secrets to investing in apartment buildings with No Cash and No Credit. This complete course includes everything you need to get started making a cash flow of $24,000 or more per month within 90 days! Only Course Of Its Kind Anywhere!

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    This is definitely not a lot of real-estate allocated to a device ... air flow is shot through ... are nationally recognized experts on home building and ...

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    Heavy equipment tycoon tops China rich list - Yahoo Finance

    Real Estate; Retirement; ... cement and other building materials. ... IPO VIEW-China Web IPO flow to US threatened by crackdown - at Reuters;

    Landlords get a seismic shakeup - Stuff

    Commercial landlords are being warned that they risk falling rents and a consequent drop in the capital value of their buildings if ... real estate that can be too ... flow -on effects of that ...

    Quantum Dot Mass Production Breakthrough Achieved - Yahoo Finance

    Real Estate; Retirement; Taxes ... This technology removes the roadblock from widespread adoption of the quantum dot as a basic building block of technology and ... Flow chemistry equipment is ...

    Erik Rasmussen Urges Action On Climate Change: 'We Are Running Out ... - Huffingtonpost.com

    REAL ESTATE JOBS THE WATCHDOG; ... What's he building in there? 706 Fans. 1 hour ago ... the change of the flow of energy."

    Ag secretary Vilsack coming to town to promote jobs plan - The Business Journal

    Commercial Real Estate Property Search; ... Almost .4 billion in federal dollars would flow to the state to upgrade ... - Building Size: ...

    Group: FEMA policies in Puget Sound harm salmon - msnbc.com

    Real Estate; Wonderwall; Horoscopes ... federal and local officials to offer communities different ways to meet new building ... while dredging channels increases water flow ...

    Georgia Gulf Stock Hits New 52-Week Low (GGC) - TheStreet.com

    Real Estate & Mortgages; ... and vinyl-based building and home improvement products in the ... Discover the new Real Money and all of its powerful trading ...

    Constructive criticism: the week in architecture - The Guardian

    For those of you who believe that modern housing estates are the ... I would have thought the real problem with ... and Golden Lane Estate next door ...

Source: http://nlp.helplearn.info/courses/573-real-estate/38317-real-estate-apartment-building-cash-flow-system.html

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Calif quake project aimed to ID future hotspots (AP)

LOS ANGELES ? In the ongoing quest to better anticipate earthquakes, scientists embarked on an ambitious experiment: Identify the likeliest places where magnitude-4.9 quakes or stronger would occur in seismically active California over a five-year period.

Half a dozen teams decided to give it a shot. They developed sophisticated computer models, submitted their best guesses and waited. As part of the ground rules, they could not change their forecasts, which were checked against actual quakes that hit during the study period.

The goal was to see whether there was a reliable way to flag a seismic hotspot before the ground shakes.

The exercise, which began in 2006 and wrapped up last December, was not aimed at predicting quakes, which remains elusive. Instead, researchers were asked to pinpoint regions where quakes were more likely to occur based on past seismic history, activity on fault lines or other factors. The state was divided into 7,700 sections and teams had to give probabilities of quakes of varying magnitudes occurring in each one.

During the test period, 31 quakes larger than magnitude-4.9 rattled the state, including the greater Los Angeles region, San Francisco Bay area and off the Northern California coast. The largest was the 2010 Easter earthquake centered in Baja California that produced sizable aftershocks along the U.S.-Mexico border.

So how did scientists do?

"No single model takes home all the gold," said seismologist John Vidale of the University of Washington who was not part of any team.

U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Sue Hough agreed. The experiment shows just "how difficult it is to even evaluate rigorously the success of prediction methods," she said.

By one measure, three groups that took into account all past quakes regardless if they were big or small fared better than the rest. One of them analyzed the performance and published results online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Some scientists questioned whether a team that has a stake in the game should be a referee. One of the study's leaders, Donald Turcotte of the University of California, Davis, said it is unavoidable given the tight-knit earthquake science community.

"It is impossible to find people with expertise who are not participants in the experiment," he said.

Jeremy Zechar of the University of Southern California, who is heading his own review, takes issue with the yardstick used by Turcotte's team to gauge success. It was developed halfway into the experiment and was not part of the original criteria agreed to by the participants.

Seismologist David Jackson of the University of California, Los Angeles, likened the experiment to kiddie soccer.

There are "no official winners or losers, but plenty of scorekeeping from the sidelines" to learn the strengths and weaknesses of various quake theories, Jackson said.

While scientists cannot say with certainty exactly when and where the next quake will strike, they have an idea of how quakes behave. For example, a big quake will produce smaller aftershocks in the same area. There's still a lot that's unknown such as whether quakes too small to be felt play a role in increasing the chances of a bigger quake.

Geophysicist John Ebel of Boston College was not surprised that his work ranked low in the study because he made simple assumptions.

"There's still a lot we don't understand," Ebel said.

Since the California experiment ended, scientists are applying lessons learned to a similar international effort currently under way.





Follow Alicia Chang's coverage at http://www.twitter.com/SciWriAlicia

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/science/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110926/ap_on_sc/us_sci_forecasting_quakes

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How To ... - Ministry Accounting | accounting information for business

Wages and salaries are often one of the largest expenses of a businesses, and with numerous ways employees could defraud the company and steal money, such as setting up bogus employees on the payroll and extracting ?extra salary?, it is an area that needs to be tightly controlled by the directors.

So how are wages recorded? The first part of any payroll system is the recording of hours worked in order to calculate each of the employees? gross salary.? Where the employees work a fixed hour week this should not cause too many problems, however it is still important to ensure that each employee actually worked the contracted amount of hours for that pay period. If the employees work a variable amount of hours per week then time sheets are even more important. In addition, each time sheet should be signed off by a manager or director as evidence the employee worked the amount of hours claimed. This is an important control that should be used in every business since you, as the business owner, don?t want to be paying employees for work that they have not actually done.

Manual time sheets are not only a pain to complete for the employee but they can be difficult to administer. The legibility of some employees? handwriting may be in question and there is the chance that numbers could be misread by the payroll department which could lead to all sorts of problems and adjustments. A good way around this is to use a computerised system or a clocking in and clocking out machine. The clocking in and clocking out machine is possibly the best way to ensure the hours on each time sheet or clock card are correct since it is stamped by the machine, but employees may think they are not trusted with such a strict system. Whilst a clocking in machine will verify the employees are on site it cannot verify they are actually working, therefore managers and supervisors are still required whether the clocking in machine is used or not.

At the end of each pay period the time sheets need to be collated, authorised as accurate by the manager and then sent to the payroll department for processing. Processing involves inputting all the data to calculate the gross pay each employee should receive. Whilst payroll can be calculated manually it is a laborious task that is prone to human error, which may result in many issues and problems that need to be sorted out, which will end up costing the business money. The best way to process the payroll is to use a computerised program, and whilst there are many companies that sell these programs they are all the same.

These payroll systems calculate the gross salary for each employee, the amount of tax and national insurance due for each employee and the employer?s national insurance contribution. In addition there will be an option to print off numerous reports for management control purposes. The key thing to remember is that the data will only be as good as the person who enters it on to the payroll system, therefore the payroll department employees needs proper training in both timesheet management and the payroll system to ensure the payroll is correct. Once the payroll has been processed and all the reports run it is important to pass them to a director for authorisation. The director should review the payroll and make sure it looks reasonable. If there are any questions or apparent discrepancies, such as new employees appearing, large bonus payments, excessive overtime hours etc. the director should investigate and discover why and that the extra salary is bonafide before signing the payroll and authorising it for payment.

If the company does not have the appropriate staff to process the payroll it can be outsourced to a third party payroll bureau. These are organisation that specialise in processing the payroll of several companies. They are advantageous in that the staff are highly trained and very experienced in processing, however there are disadvantages in that the company loses control over the payroll, the employees of the bureau don?t know the business and will purely process the data provided therefore it needs to be fully accurate with no discrepancies (the reasonableness check is lost) and since the payroll is a sensitive area you, as the business owner, may not want a third party knowing about your company?s payroll although there will be confidentiality agreements in place.

Recording hours, processing the payroll and ensuring that the employees are paid is only a small part of the overall payroll system of a company. With wages and salaries being such a large expense of the company it is important to ensure the payroll costs are properly included in the financial records of the company for management purposes. The best way to control the wages is by way of a wages and salary control account.

So how do the accounts department ensure that wages and salaries are accurately recorded in the financial accounting system? There are some payroll packages that can link up to accounting packages and automatically post all the entries to the accounting system as the payroll is prepared. Whilst these appear to be a great idea, and they are when they work properly, they are not fool proof and could lead to all manner of problems, especially when there are errors in processing the payroll that need to be subsequently corrected. Because of this it is advisable to keep the payroll processing system and the accounts system totally independent and manually post the payroll to the accounting system.

The wages and salary reports need to be obtained from the payroll department. From these reports the gross wages and employer?s national insurance contributions need to be debited to the profit and loss account with the subsequent credit being posted to the wages control account, this posting should take place before the wages are paid over. When the net wages are paid to the employees the wages control account is debited and the bank is credited. When the tax and national insurance is paid over to the tax authorities the wages control account is debited and the bank is credited.

Maintaining a control account may appear a longwinded way that duplicates postings, however it is the best method of keeping control of the wages. Whilst there will be timing differences between recording the transaction and payment they should always net off to zero, so if they don?t there is a problem somewhere along the line and this can be identified and rectified before it gets too out of control.

In order to reduce the chance of fraud in the wages system each company should try and ensure there is a segregation of duties, i.e. the payroll department and the accounts department consist of different employees. This situation is not always possible in small businesses and the accounts department may process the payroll, authorise the bank to pay the employees and post the payroll to the financial accounts. In these situations it is important that the directors maintain close supervision over the whole process and that they review and authorise at every appropriate stage to prevent fraud and errors.

Source: http://www.ministryaccounting.com/how-to-account-for-wages-and-salaries

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Recovering from Crack Addiction

Crack addiction can be especially tricky to overcome because it is overwhelmingly psychological in nature. This changes the dynamic in recovery a bit because there is not a strong physical component to cocaine addiction. It becomes a bit of a mental game for the recovering addict and they really have some additional pitfalls to deal with that are often overlooked. However, here\?s a video on how one couple\?s love, peace and happiness made recovery possible.

Source: http://www.cookyourlifemovie.com/self-improvement/recovering-from-crack-addiction/

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Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.: 5 Keys to Busting the Autumn Blues (Huffington post)

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Two new cost-effective ways to predict prostate cancer

ScienceDaily (Sep. 23, 2011) ? Two new risk indicators for prostate cancer were unveiled at the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress on September 24.

Led by Dr David ?rsted at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Herlev, the first study shows that men diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement have an increased risk of developing and dying from prostate cancer. The second study shows that monitoring prostate-specific antigen levels can be used to predict the long-term risk of healthy men developing and dying from prostate cancer. Both could lead to more efficient and cost-effective screening for prostate cancer, with reductions in over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment.

According to European Cancer Observatory statistics, over 70,000 men die from prostate cancer in the EU every year. Prostate cancer and benign enlargement of the prostate gland, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, share common features. Growth of the gland is dependent on hormone levels in both conditions and both respond to anti-androgen treatment, but until now benign prostatic hyperplasia has not been considered a precursor to the development of a tumour.

Researchers investigated the association between the two conditions by examining data from five national registries, on a total of 3,009,258 Danish men.

The sample included 53,315 diagnoses of prostate cancer and 25,459 cases of death due to prostate cancer. Clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia was determined by records of hospitalisation (187,591 men) and/or operations for the condition (77,698 men) between 1980 and 2006, and the use of certain drugs indicated for the condition between 1995 and 2006 (143,365 men and 47,465 men respectively for the two treatments). The reference group was men without benign prostate hyperplasia.

Over 27 years, the study found that clinical benign prostate hyperplasia was associated with a two to three-fold increased risk of men developing prostate cancer, and with a two to eight-fold increased risk of them dying from prostate cancer.

"Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer are the most common prostatic conditions with a large number of incident and prevalent cases each year. A possible association has been debated for several years but previous studies have generated ambiguous results. Our study is the largest to date and has consistent results showing an association," research team member Dr Stig Bojesen will tell the congress.

Additional research is needed to determine whether benign prostate enlargement could be a possible cause of prostate cancer, but the results already have important implications given the large number of patients affected. "The possible clinical implication of our study might be that physicians treating men with benign prostatic hyperplasia should follow these men carefully, to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of a possible prostate cancer, thereby enhancing the chance of curative treatment. However, our study does not allow us to suggest the optimal surveillance programme for these men. This question should be addressed in future studies," says Dr Bojesen.

The second Danish study, also led by Dr ?rsted, looked at whether prostate-specific antigen levels could predict prostate cancer incidence and mortality in the general population.

Prostate-specific antigen is a protein produced by the prostate gland. Healthy men have low levels of the antigen in their blood, and raised levels are considered an indicator of prostate cancer as well as other conditions of the gland. However, it is largely unknown whether antigen levels in healthy men predict long-term risk of developing prostate cancer.

Researchers looked at blood collected from 4,383 men aged between 20 and 94 years of age from the general population, who had taken part in the Copenhagen City Heart Study and followed them from 1981 through to 2009. They measured baseline levels of prostate specific antigen and investigated whether this correlated with later prostate cancer incidence and mortality.

During the 28 years of follow-up covered by the Heart Study, 170 men in the sample developed prostate cancer and 94 died from the disease. Measuring the antigen levels, the researchers found that stepwise increases in prostate-specific antigen predicted a 3-44 fold increased risk of prostate cancer and a 2-12 fold increased risk of prostate cancer mortality.

They also found that the absolute 10-year risk of prostate cancer was 11-22% in those with prostate-specific antigen levels of 4.01-10.00 ng/ml and 37-79% in those with levels above 10.00 ng/ml.

The ranges are wide and the higher risk for some men can be explained, Dr ?rsted will tell the congress. "The high risk for some men is probably due to some of the participants having already developed sub-clinical prostate cancer at the time of their entry to the study. These men would have had a shorter time from study entry to diagnosis and consequently, higher risk estimates."

The results could be used to target specific sections of the population for screening. "One of the major problems in prostate cancer is over-diagnosis. Furthermore, two large randomised studies have shown that the benefit of general screening for prostate cancer is limited," explains Dr ?rsted. "Our results indicate that physicians could focus screening efforts on men with higher baseline prostate specific antigen values while men with lower levels could avoid having frequent and unnecessary diagnostic examinations. This could reduce over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment as well as reduce expenditure in already strained health systems," he says.

President of ECCO, Professor Michael Baumann, said: "These studies demonstrate how important it is to have good cancer registries and skilled cancer epidemiologists available. Large cancer registries, which contain high quality data and link to several items, enable us to address specific questions; for example, whether there is a link between benign prostate hyperplasia or long-term PSA levels and the risk of prostate cancer. Such research allows us to draft hypotheses for further research and to create more efficient screening and prevention programmes."

ESMO spokesperson, Professor Hein Van Poppel, Director of the European School of Urology, commented: "The first study indicates the need for future research to focus on how to follow patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia in order to recognise an eventual cancer in time. PCA3, genetic fusion markers or methylation markers could be explored for this purpose.

"For PSA screening, the ideal screening timetable needs to be investigated. It could well be that screening needs to start at an age where there is no interference from benign prostatic hyperplasia in PSA production, i.e. at age 40; by repeating the PSA measurement at 45 and at 50 years old, the PSA slope can probably recognise those with a high likelihood of ever developing cancer, but also those who will not need further screening because their chance of ever developing significant prostate cancer is minimal."

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Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/09/110923194727.htm

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University of Idaho law students staff a new economic development ...

By Brian Greber

The American Jobs Act, also known as ?the Obama plan,? is intended to get us back on track by stimulating spending; improving the cost structure for businesses; creating jobs through government expenditure; smoothing the transition for displaced workers; and enhancing government processes. The plan?s tax cuts and federal expenditures add $447 billion to our 2012 federal [...]

Source: http://idahobusinessreview.com/2011/09/23/university-of-idaho-law-students-staff-a-new-economic-development-legal-clinic-in-boise/

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Calif. governor signs compromise on Internet taxes

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that postpones new sales taxes rules that would have affected online purchases in California, granting more time for traditional and online retailers to lobby Congress for a national standard on the high-stakes issue.

The bill, crafted as a compromise among Amazon.com, traditional retailers and California lawmakers searching for ways to raise revenue, delays until at least September 2012 online tax rules that were implemented as part of this year's state budget package.

Under the compromise, Amazon will drop a ballot referendum planned for next year to overturn the law passed earlier in the summer, a move that promised an ugly and expensive campaign fight between online and traditional retailers.

"When you get two threats, that gives you an opportunity to find a compromise," Brown said after he signed the bill at Gap Inc. offices in San Francisco. "Hopefully, (the bill) will set an example for our colleagues in Washington that they too can cooperate."

If that effort fails, Amazon has agreed to start collecting sales tax from California customers. The budget bill signed previously by Brown forced more online retailers to collect the state sales tax effective July 1. The move prompted Amazon to cut ties with some 25,000 affiliate businesses in California and spend more than $5 million to collect signatures for the ballot referendum.

The compromise bill will cost California an estimated $200 million in tax revenue during the current fiscal year but helps both sides avoid a costly election contest and the possibility of legal challenges. State taxing authorities estimate that California loses at least $83 million a year in uncollected state and local use tax attributed to Amazon's sales.

Under the deal, the retailing giant will rekindle its relationship with its California affiliates and has promised to create at least 10,000 full-time jobs and hire 25,000 seasonal employees in the state by the end of 2015.

At the bill signing, Amazon's vice president of global public policy, Paul Misener, said the company would bring $500 million in investment to California over the next several years, mainly in the form of massive distribution centers.

Misener praised the spirit of compromise he said led to the deal and said he was optimistic federal lawmakers could also find a way to collaborate, despite partisan gridlock.

"The sales tax issue must be resolved in Congress," he said. "We are committed to going to Washington."

When asked how he expected to persuade Congress to unite around a new tax policy in an election year, Brown quipped: "When we find an answer to that, we're going to solve a lot more problems."

Consumers are required under state law to pay sales tax when they order online from companies out of state, but the tax is virtually impossible to enforce without the cooperation of the retailers. Customers rarely pay.

Traditional retailers, from Wal-Mart to local business owners, say the inability to police taxation on the Internet creates an uneven playing field, with online retailers gaining an unfair advantage.

A 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case involving a mail-order retailer says a business must only collect state tax from customers if it has a physical presence in the state where they live, such as a retail store. Several states responded by trying to broaden the definition of physical presence. At least six states had done so by 2010 while nine more, including California, launched similar legislative attempts this year.

California's version, under the bill signed earlier this summer, imposed tax-collection duties on a company if it used marketing affiliates in the state to refer customers or if it had sister companies in California, such as Amazon's Silicon Valley company that developed the Kindle electronic book reader. Internet retailers such as Amazon and Overstock.com said that violated the Supreme Court ruling.

Amazon and the California Retailers Association worked out the compromise in the final days of the legislative session to postpone the tax measure and allow the online and traditional retail lobbies to make a unified push in Washington for a national standard.

The compromise also had the blessing of the California Chamber of Commerce and traditional retailers such as Barnes & Noble Inc., Best Buy Inc., Crate & Barrel, Sears, Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

"Amazon's concession to finally begin collecting sales tax in California is a ground-breaking moment that sends a strong message to Washington that it is time to stop giving special treatment to a select few," Bill Dombrowski, president of the California Retailers Association, said in a statement released by the governor's office. "All retailers deserve the chance to compete, grow and create jobs on a level playing field, without government picking winners and losers."

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/495d344a0d10421e9baa8ee77029cfbd/Article_2011-09-23-Internet%20Sales-California/id-92b9859f7f514bdebe7e1ee3f84c01fb

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Uncover How I Manage To Earn 5 Figure Revenue Using Pay Per ...

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The future of Affiliate Advertising and marketing is here proper now. Affiliate marketing is among the easiest ways to start an online enterprise and earn a living online. Affiliate internet marketing is something that you?ll have to do in the event you plan to get traffic to your websites and affiliate links. Internet online affiliate marketing is a proven technique to monetize online content, and rising publishers know it is vital to maximize relationships with merchants.

Online marketing incentivises other web sites to become advocates on your companies, increasing your online publicity and enhancing the effectivity of your promoting spend. By putting internet affiliate marketing advertising on websites everywhere in the Internet, he has free advertising and doesn?t have to do a lot promoting on his own. Within the process, it increases your online publicity and makes your promoting expenditure extra efficient.

There are a number of types of Affiliate marketing online models. Pay Per Click on (PPC) PPC is most likely the preferred methodology of affiliate internet marketing for affiliates with small web sites, and probably the easiest approach for them to earn money. Pay Per Sale (PPS) PPS affiliate internet marketing is the most well-liked among merchants and can be probably the most profitable sort for the affiliates. Pay Per Lead (PPL) The pay-per-lead kind of internet online affiliate marketing is a variation of the PPS type and is commonly used by insurance and finance firms and other corporations who rely on leads for their company to grow. It?s not rocket science to inform you that if you could start Internet Advertising and marketing, Affiliate marketing is the way to go.

Affiliate internet marketing is one of the best methods that you can make cash online. Affiliate marketing is a very nice enjoyable business to get into, and I want I might deal with the failure involved. Internet online affiliate marketing is the ?job? of the future that is already here TODAY.

Regardless of the way you go about it, online marketing is a confirmed, efficient approach to enhance your traffic. If you happen to own or want to begin your own Web Enterprise, affiliate marketing is a must on your marketing strategy. Indeed, internet online affiliate marketing is among the best and best home-based business opportunities on-line today. In simple phrases, affiliate internet marketing is a web-based advertising apply during which an enterprise rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or buyer led to by the affiliate?s advertising efforts.

If you want further data concerning passive income ideas, visit Drake Bruuyetz?s website without hesitation.

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Health and Fitness ? Rhinitis ? Should You Have Massages While ...

If you are like me, you have suffered a bit with the awesome seasons. Spring and Fall are especially challenging for allergy/sinus sufferers, but that is not to say Summer and Winter are smooth sailing for us. I say ?suffered a bit?, because it really is just a little if you are otherwise healthy. My symptoms, depending on the season and where I am, are: trouble breathing, itchy eyes and nose, cracked voice, sneezing, stuffy nose. For others, there are many more symptoms to their sinus/allergy issues, so I am grateful mine are pretty much under control?oh, I left out the occasional wheezing I do, usually around smokers or their environments or pets. If I must be in the presence of a smoker, I can literally feel my throat lock up within minutes, then comes the sneezing. If the smoker is also a pet owner who played with the cat or dog before coming to meet, my eyes will immediately turn red and my nose will start to itch. Just imagine me on a date with a smoker! LOL I have tried it and always spent a majority of the time with myself eating alone (as my date heads out every 15 minutes to smoke, etc.), and I always went home with a headache and activated respiratory issues. Yeah fun!

Anyway, rhinitis or allergy is really my focus herein and whether or not massage is contraindicated during a flare up. (Sinusitis is something else. Sinus is important to the cushion, spacing of the bones in the head and face, the sound of voice, and the lymphatic system, which cleans internally. The over production of this ?lymphatic fluid? is sinusitis and is similarly addressed since we are in the habit of using these interchangeably). Rhinitis or allergies is the immune system attempting to rid the body of foreign matter in the form of allergens/irritants. These come in different forms e.g. dust mites, pet dander, dust, microscopic bugs, odors, pollen, carpet fuzz, chemicals, and the like. Sneezing, coughing, or the urge to blow the nose are all responses of the involuntary brain, your natural defense in the stimulated nerves. These have been stimulated by the immune system, which has become sensitive to these foreign matters. This system tells the body to sneeze to get rid of the irritant and in that one signal, mucous from the sinus glands/lymphatic system, rush to gather and cluster the offending particles that the body will force out in the sneeze. Sometimes one comes before the other, i.e. the sneeze comes and then is followed up by the mucous which ensures that nothing is left behind. This is why although I said sinusitis is a different matter, I have addressed it slightly, because it?s all connected. The sneezes are usually very powerful, because they are triggered very deep into the nervous system and all the muscles in the body muster together to contract for it to be effected outward?a violent eviction of this trespassing irritant.

Understanding this gives one great reason NOT to hold back a sneeze. You only get them when the body senses something foreign has entered your respiratory system (not talking about food allergies, those who sneeze for other nervous conditions, including light, sunlight, when they laugh, etc.). I believe all sneezing is a ?nervous condition?; the body?s way of flushing the unwanted. It is your body?s blessing to your health when it forcibly flushes these harmful and unwanted ?bodies?. Since the sneeze forces thousands of things bad for your health out of the body, it?s wise to protect yourself and those around you. This is so, especially if this foreign thing has materialized as a virus. Cover your mouth with each cough or sneeze, AND when you blow your nose, cover that too. If you blow your nose in the air, the same thing that happens if you sneeze without covering your mouth happens, i.e. virus and evicted particles are passed into the air and taken in by others. This gives real meaning to ?you make me sick?!LOL

So, should you get a massage while under the effects of an allergy spell? What does your Massage Therapist think? Well, if you are sick, showing signs of a cold, flu, virus, etc., a massage is helpful, but you might want to check whether you are contagious before getting the massage so as not to compromise the health of your therapist and others. Please warn your therapist that they will need to prepare for you. Personally, I do a ?sinus massage? in my private practice, and this involves lots of nerve stimulation, facial massage and reflex of the hands, ears and feet. Peppermint or eucalyptus oils are awesome to treat this ailment and I might have a crock going with steam to purify the air. Aromatherapy smells amazing and will help soothe the channels as I address your issues. (It?s not on my menu yet, but I?ll do it for you at the cost of the body scrub and it takes 45 minutes or so!). Massage causes drainage within the body, and this will bring much-needed relief and begin the healing process. Just make sure you have tissues nearby and/or a hot-steamed towel, which is actually better in the healing process than those tissues?. Oh and a ?bucket? in case you need it?.

Understandably, most therapists will advise against getting a massage while you are dealing with rhinitis/allergy and sinus congestion. No one wants to deliberately expose themselves to a cold, et al virus, i.e. unless they are knowledgeable about how to help you get the drainage you need and get well, while protecting self. Personal care is needed before, during and after your session to ensure that transference was minimal to none. I believe even with my allergy symptoms, that my spirit, mind and body are strong enough to offset these ailments, so I don?t worry about it usually. Always communicate with the establishment and especially with your therapist. Discuss your situation and let them decide whether they want to treat you in/out (to protect employees, out at your place might be best), or wait. Don?t show up at the spa sniffling and sneezing and expect not to be turned away, even if you say it?s just sinuses. We can tell there is a temperature sometimes by looking at you and listening to the movement of air when you talk. The people you will be around, might not be strong enough in their own ?systems? to not catch your cold.

Massage is not always indicated when rhinitis, et al respiratory issues are active. Much research says no, don?t get massages, but I think it?s a case by case thing. Keep in mind that a therapeutic massage provides for movement of every kind inside the body, as well as a reset/re-charge of the systems. Your immune system might need help to fight off whatever it is you have contracted and a massage might be this help. However, it could also produce a very strong response, which may appear to hinder your progress. Massage therapy sets things on a bit of an ?over drive? inside the body and if you are already feeling ?low? it might force you to go ?lower? as the systems repair the damages caused by the virus. This would be perfect time to amp up your vitamins, natural foods, ?eat with purpose,? and sleep, so as to give your body the time needed to recover. As usual, the therapist must take care of self, even more so, when they have treated or are about to treat an ailing client. This is the same suggestion or requirement if the client has cancer, aids or some other debilitating concern. Therapists should always work with the client?s doctor, the client who has spoken truthfully about the doctor?s recommendations; and maintain their own bodies whether they are taking care of healthy or sick clients. If a care-giver doesn?t take good care of him or herself, then they are not capable of providing the best care to others and risk greater transference between both vulnerable and contaminated Beings. Contamination of spirit will be the result?.

It?s timely to share that I sneeze, symptom of my rhinitis, when I am over heated. It may also be my personal reaction to ?energy?, and it?s weird, but if the massage room is becoming hot my body tells me! At first glance, a massage room is quite cozy. There?s the towel warmer and/or crock pot with hot water and hot stones, a heated blanket on the table you?re lying on, and a therapist, hopefully working hard relieving your tension and giving you professional love. You are expelling energy and he or she is expelling energy. You are both breathing, all in this tiny, 8 x 10 room with air circulating minimally. You are hopefully comfortably naked under the sheet, but many times your therapist is wearing black or some other ?formal? color. All these contribute to the temperature in the room. I sneeze in reaction to ?high energy? and this is connected to my being a ?natural intuitive?, processing your aura as you pass, and as I work. Today, I sneezed within moments of entering the room and placing my dominant hand on the lower back of my first client. One sneeze!?which allowed me to check in with self before venturing further. My client was a smoker, among other things, and I didn?t have to ask.

If I sneeze during session, it is usually not because I am catching a cold. My allergy/rhinitis or my body is indicating that I?m becoming overheated and/or need to protect self. There are times when I have had this involuntary response to a ?very toxic person?. Honestly, an energy worker Massage Therapist can tell when some things are ?up? with the client on the table. Many times, at first touch, the transference is so overwhelming that the immune system triggers this ?warning? in response. My sneezing is not a bad thing even in this instance, but is just my body putting each party on notice (as this happens the other way too where the client sneezes when touched by a toxic therapist) that something has happened that might compromise your body so proceed with caution. LOL Yes, some of us humans do come with a warning sign!

Rhinitis sufferers who are health-conscious should be careful not to take massages from people with unhealthy habits. For example, I have had two massages from two different smokers. In each instance, I didn?t know that they smoked until they began working on me. Imagine that for the next 50 minutes, I was trapped on that table. It?s like being trapped in an ashtray or a smoke-filled room with nowhere to turn for fresh air. I sneezed, itched and scratched all over and with every touch, my throat locked up and my lymph nodes became on full alert. I felt ?it would seem rude? to stop the service and run away (plus these people were practicing their skills in class), but this made me unable to relax. No amount of meditation could get me to zone out to that beach in my mind when this ?dirty? person was touching my skin. I couldn?t help imagining the nails, whether the hair was otherwise clean or whether stuff would fall from their heads onto my naked body. I felt I couldn?t breathe because every whiff of air had stench of smoke, tobacco and ganja. It was torture! I have vowed never to have another smoker give me a massage and it made me more aware of how my body affects my client. This is a very important realization in the body work business. Just imagine that you are already at risk because of your respiratory issues, and the dominant/controlled energy in the room to make you feel better is actually exasperating your health. The ?controlled energy? in the room with the more dominant presence is the therapist administering treatment, not the vulnerable client on the table.

When I left that room, every lymph node under my neck, ears, and thighs were in full attack mode and I lost my voice for 24 hours. Throughout one of the sessions, the therapist was sweating profusely as the room was hot and it was summer time and there were a few drops of sweat on my bare back and neck when I turned over. Therapists must know that this is the kind of preventable thing an ?unhealthy person? subjects their clients to. Keep in mind that although this works the other way too in the case of the client being the ?culprit?, they are not in control of the flow of the massage when they are in session. The therapist is the dominant presence in the room for the most part so the transference is not the same level. In the case of a client being ?toxic?, I can effectively breathe through the session and immediately afterwards take some supplements and perform some reasonable self-care prior to attending to the next client. Not the same scenario when the tables are turned. However, if you are a smoker, please take your fix before your shower to go in for your massage (yes please shower prior!). You can always reach for your ?smokes? as soon as you leave the spa. If you must come in after you have smoked, we won?t turn you away, just freshen up in the bathroom before getting on the table. It might be a good idea also to request a therapist that smokes as well. On this note, it is o.k., and rather highly recommended, that if you are as sensitive as me with your respiratory issues and your body, that you request a non-smoking therapist each time you go to the spa.

Another thing that happens with sinus/allergy sufferers is that their nose gets blocked once they go prone (face down) on the table. There are many reasons for this including movement of lymph, your face is directly facing carpeting/mats containing chemicals, dust, dust mites, et al allergens, there?s mold in the room, especially if the heating or air conditioning system is running, or maybe you are catching a cold and the massage has triggered your body to fight. Remember, the mucous is sent by the immune system to gather and flush out what?s got trapped in there. Your therapist should know this and should have a box of tissues in the room. I usually offer before you ask, but if I don?t please ask. If there are none, it?s o.k. to sneeze or blow your nose in a towel. It goes directly into the laundry after, I promise. Actually, I believe this is a better way to contain germs and not irritate the nose further, i.e. blowing into a soft towel that gets washed in hot water. Tissues, I believe, are designed to make you sneeze more so that you buy more?and they irritate your nose and skin so you will need to moisturize your nose more to not get sores, etc?.

Sometimes, the client doesn?t have any cold/rhinitis symptoms, but as soon as the therapist begins to work, they notice the channels get cleared and drainage begins (drainage in back of the throat forcing you to swallow and/or followed by nasal/eye drainage and sometimes drool). Usually, this is because some blockage in the digestive/stomach channel has been triggered. Feel gratitude for your therapist and the thorough work that your body is already responding to. Just drink more water afterwards to help the systems flush and do what they do, and without the dehydration effect that happens if you don?t drink up.

So, don?t get embarrassed about your drainage. Don?t hold the sneeze back. Don?t imagine that you must swallow?.eeeww?LOL?and every day, be grateful for your immune system and the fight it puts up to rid the body of the unwanted ?prospective tenants?. (I made ?the face? at the ?swallowing? bit because of my belief that my body is rejecting it for a reason so discrete spitting is fine! LOL. However, the acids in the stomach are great at breaking down things so no worries that if you swallow, you might be harming your health). Do what you can to minimize the sensitivity of your immune system by taking your supplements, drinking lots of water, having tea/soup, laying off dairy and pasta (produce extra mucous and Candida), cutting down on foods producing Candida growth in the body (allergy and overproduction of sinus/mucus starts, like most everything else, in the stomach); wash your sheets and pillows often, vacuum with hepa filter vacuums or the like, get rid of Fido or Sophie the cat (I know?Tough one! I love dogs?and baby cats, but I can?t have them especially in my sleeping quarters, and I?ve known of people who were more willing to have an operation to get rid of their polyps than go without the pets?). Get rid of the plants, artificial or live, from the home. They are fine on the porch or in the kitchen or somewhere where they will be healthy and so will you. Dust often, including the plants if you choose to have them, and keep the pets clean and their hair trimmed if you chose to have them too.

Be grateful for your sinuses, your immune and nervous system (well all of the systems, but especially these two) during allergy season, and don?t interpret your therapist?s sneezing as something else unless you thought he or she was sick when you first got there?in which case don?t take the massage unless you feel equipped to fight off whatever it is he/she has. Remember that transference happens in the air and through the hands and the skin is a great conduit for everything; i.e. the therapist?s skin and yours. Reschedule and address it if you have to or request another therapist if that?s an option!

Universal love, light and blessings with your health and especially your respiratory health in allergy season and always! Pay attention to the signals your body gives you naturally and do what you can to help the systems carry out their task of keeping you healthy. This is what it means to be health-conscious.

Source: http://medicaltips.biz/2011/09/22/rhinitis-should-you-have-massages-while-respiratory-issues-are-active/

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