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Localizing language in the brain: Study pinpoints areas of the brain used exclusively for language

ScienceDaily (Aug. 30, 2011) ? New research from MIT suggests that there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only language, a finding that marks a major advance in the search for brain regions specialized for sophisticated mental functions.

Functional specificity, as it's known to cognitive scientists, refers to the idea that discrete parts of the brain handle distinct tasks. Scientists have long known that functional specificity exists in certain domains: In the motor system, for example, there is one patch of neurons that controls the fingers of your left hand, and another that controls your tongue. But what about more complex functions such as recognizing faces, using language or doing math? Are there special brain regions for those activities, or do they use general-purpose areas that serve whatever task is at hand?

Language, a cognitive skill that is both unique to humans and universal to all human cultures, "seems like one of the first places one would look" for this kind of specificity, says Evelina Fedorenko, a research scientist in MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and first author of the new study. But data from neuroimaging -- especially functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which measures brain activity associated with cognitive tasks -- has been frustratingly inconclusive. Though studies have largely converged on several areas important for language, it's been hard to say whether those areas are exclusive to language. Many experiments have found that non-language tasks seemingly activate the same areas: Arithmetic, working memory and music are some of the most common culprits.

But according to Fedorenko and her co-authors -- Nancy Kanwisher, the Walter A. Rosenblith Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, and undergraduate student Michael Behr -- this apparent overlap may simply be due to flaws in methodology, i.e., how fMRI data is traditionally gathered and analyzed. In their new study, published in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they used an innovative technique they've been developing over the past few years; the new method yielded evidence that there are, in fact, bits of the brain that do language and nothing else.

Forget the forest, it's all in the trees

fMRI studies of language are typically done by group analysis, meaning that researchers test 10, 20 or even 50 subjects, then average data together onto a common brain space to search for regions that are active across brains.

But Fedorenko says this is not an ideal way to do things, mainly because the fine-grained anatomical differences between brains can cause data "smearing," making it look as if one region is active in two different tasks when in reality, the tasks activate two neighboring -- but not overlapping -- regions in each individual subject.

By way of analogy, she says, imagine taking pictures of 10 people's faces and overlaying them, one on top of another, to achieve some sort of average face. While the resulting image would certainly look like a face, when you compared it back to the original pictures, it would not line up perfectly with any of them. That's because there is natural variation in our features -- the size of our foreheads, the width of our noses, the distance between our eyes.

It's the same way for brains. "Brains are different in their folding patterns, and where exactly the different functional areas fall relative to these patterns," Fedorenko says. "The general layout is similar, but there isn't fine-grained matching." So, she says, analyzing data by "aligning brains in some common space ? is just never going to be quite right."

Ideally, then, data would be analyzed for each subject individually; that is, patterns of activity in one brain would only ever be compared to patterns of activity from that same brain. To do this, the researchers spend the first 10 to 15 minutes of each fMRI scan having their subject do a fairly sophisticated language task while tracking brain activity. This way, they establish where the language areas lie in that individual subject, so that later, when the subject performs other cognitive tasks, they can compare those activation patterns to the ones elicited by language.

A linguistic game of 'Where's Waldo?'

This methodology is exactly what allows Fedorenko, Behr and Kanwisher to see if there are areas truly specific to language. After having their subjects perform the initial language task, which they call a "functional localizer," they had each one do a subset of seven other experiments: one on exact arithmetic, two on working memory, three on cognitive control and one on music, since these are the functions "most commonly argued to share neural machinery with language," Fedorenko says.

Out of the nine regions they analyzed -- four in the left frontal lobe, including the region known as Broca's area, and five further back in the left hemisphere -- eight uniquely supported language, showing no significant activation for any of the seven other tasks. These findings indicate a "striking degree of functional specificity for language," as the researchers report in their paper.

Future studies will test the newly identified language areas with even more non-language tasks to see if their functional specificity holds up; the researchers also plan to delve deeper into these areas to discover which particular linguistic jobs each is responsible for.

Fedorenko says the results don't imply that every cognitive function has its own dedicated piece of cortex; after all, we're able to learn new skills, so there must be some parts of the brain that are both high-level and functionally flexible. Still, she says, the results give hope to researchers looking to draw some distinctions within in the human cortex: "Brain regions that do related things may be nearby ? [but] it's not just all one big mushy multifunctional thing in there."

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The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The original article was written by Emily Finn.

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/08/110830102554.htm

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Learn How Do They Produce Animal Hides Into Leather Jackets ...

Leather has been part of the clothing business for years. It is so in demand as a result of it?s durability and may be applied many times from a single wash. There are many styles of leather apparels such as womens and mens leather jackets. It takes time to know how to mark out one leather from another. It?s made in many ways ? through manufacturing processes or do-it-yourself procedures. Although the leather industry is a broad field of study, its legacy continues and it will be used for years to come. The main source is cattle skin; from cows ? the most popular, goats, and even bulls. The question is ? by what method do they transform cow skin into leather, which results in elegant mens and women?s leather jackets.

The abundance of cows has made it popular in this industry. It?s reliable and may withstand harsh conditions and is extremely comfortable too. It?s more often than not used for mens and women?s leather jackets, shoes, and other apparels. The manufacturing process is divided into three parts; the preparatory stage, tanning, and crusting. The preparatory stage is the bit when the cow skin is prepared for tanning. It is when unsought materials or particles are removed from the raw skin by soaking, liming, fleshing and numerous more. Actually, there are many things that you may do in the preparatory stage as long as it takes away unsought items from the skin.

After the preparatory stage, the cow skin is tanned. It is the process of converting the protein of the skin into a stable form ? it won?t get into its original odour and shape when immersed in water. Manufacturers more often than not use chromium to tan the cow skin. However, there are many methods that will be used to tan the skin ? it merely depends on the type of end product you want to have. For womens and mens leather jackets, a product that?s cloth-like in nature is the end product that is a must have.

The last bit of production is crusting. This is where the cow skin is thinned, tanned, and lubricated. Since there are many uses of leather in the clothes industry, applying colour in this process is also done. There are also many methods that you may use in crusting the cow skin as long as it improves the quality and texture. The best products are durable and reliable ? it will last for decades without being worn out. It seriously depends on the process it went through that?s why many manufacturers are creating newer avenues to produce high superiority products.

These jackets were initially used in the military field. women?s and mens leather jackets are durable, which works well in the line of duty. They don?t tear apart easily and change its odour if exposed in various environments. The popularity of these jackets came in the early 40?s when Hollywood stars used it in action cinematics films. Due to its popularity, more and more folk used it for fashion purposes. Even today, Womens and mens leather jackets are still applied in shows, movies, and even in normal days. It has evolved from a battle gear to something that can be used every day.

Mens and womens leather jackets come in many styles. Nowadays, these delightful designs are already available in the market for certain occasions and parties. Since leather is recognized for its durability, mens and womens leather jackets will still be used without washing them. That doesn?t only make life easier; it also saves time and effort. movie pictures and rock bands really provided a large impact for these jackets to be used by numerous people.

You most likely saw the movies ?The Matrix? and ?Blade? and realized how cool the characters were because of their awesome leather attires. Now that women?s and mens leather jackets are getting more attention in the clothing industry, it?s easier to acquire this apparels that look like the ones you saw from the pictures.

It?s a different matter with motorbike enthusiasts ? they don?t use mens and womens leather jackets for fashion, but for safety reasons. Since these jackets are stable in nature and it may face harsh environments without breaking, it is additionally worn as a safety gear. On top of that, it protects motorcyclists from the rain ? because it?s water resistant. Leather jackets are usually worn when going on a road trip with fellow motorcyclists. Leather is really durable and it?s excellent to have the abundance of cattle to provide the business with first-grade cow hides or skins. Aside from United States, more and more countries are providing cow skins for this industry, so understanding how they render cow skin into leather becomes a common question.

Source: http://www.3nm.org/reference-education/learn-how-do-they-produce-animal-hides-into-leather-jackets/105192/

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Home repair and improvement of the estimated costs

One of the biggest unknowns for many homeowners, as repair costs to appreciate at home. Depending on who writes the estimate, can be confusing and very difficult to understand exactly what is included and what is the actual amount of money that is needed to to pay. I can not teach it, on one side by a professional valuer. It takes years of experience and is a constant learning process. My goal is to offer, through a basic understanding of the methodsEstimators in determining cost. It all starts with the crowd. How much of a certain product or service you need?

Breaking down measures repair costs
Most things in the building are measured in linear feet, square meters and square feet. Many of you may already know this.If so feel free to skip. But, I am starting from the beginning for those who may be completely unfamiliar with these concepts. Meter is the easiest. If you dragHer band from one end of a straight wall to the other and measure: 10 ft 6 in, then you have 10'6 "linear feet of finished wall using carpenters cut meters to measure, baseboards, cabinets and example.. If you were remodeling the kitchen and replacement of cabinets, we measure the length of each enclosure to determine that at least 18 m (LF) and 22 units of the minor (left) wall of need.

Go to the next type of action I'm talking aboutis square. This is probably the measure most commonly used in construction and is simple enough. Basically, two separate measurements were multiplied. If you wanted to find the square footage of a floor in the bedroom, for example, one could multiply the width by the length of the room. If the room is 12 feet wide and 15 m Length: 15?12 = 180 square meters. If you need the square footage of a wall in a room, you would simply multiply length x height. Square foot measurements are used toMost of the home repairs, including painting, drywall flooring, countertops, and many others. Square is another measure used in cost estimating, primarily for the carpet and other floor coverings. To find the square footage of a territory, you can divide the square footage by 9. So, if a room 10 feet x 9 feet (90 m) was divided by 9 and you have 10 square feet. Measure for carpet is a bit "more difficult to find the square yardage of a room. For more information about this check out ourFlooring page.

Defining the scope of work for home repairs
Now that we are the process of measuring a bit to understand better, do not go to the budget preparation. It all starts with the scope of work. Let's say we go to renovate the kitchen. Make an entry that lists all the repairs at home.

Replace cabinets lf-18 lower, 22 higher lf
Painting walls and ceiling ceiling sf-192, 240 sf walls,
Removing linoleum flooring-156 sf
Installing CeramicTile floor-156 sf
Installing Granite Top-36 sf
Installing Ceramic Tile Back Splash-27 sf
Install (6) in the recessed ceiling light
Install new devices Built-in double oven, hob, extractor hood, dishwasher
Install new sink and faucet
Cabinet Stain and Finish

Building cost estimates
The simplest method for determining the cost of the project is that general contractors provide the entire project. Try to give at least three GC alignRelying on the project. Schedule appointment times for each of them differently. You do not want them all together, but casually say that you expect other offers. Hopefully it will make them competitive. The following suggestions may be helpful in the interview process.

If you have questions or their contribution to the project as you prepare a list and use it with all bidders. We do this to ensure that the process is the same.
Decide on a time frame of when itthan their estimate. (Range one week to 10 days should). This will show you something about their ability to do things quickly and meet deadlines.
If you want to contact the contractor for all labor and material costs in their bids, you need to get certain things like appliances and flooring to ensure the desired quality. An expert technician to these questions just ask.
Ask them to include the expected time (number of days or weeks)it will take to complete the project.
Tell them you will see a list of subcontractors that must be used. (To check it and to preserve lien to make clear that they were paid).

After completion of the interview process, you sit back and wait for offers. If you get it, they compare closely to ensure that they are equal. Look for exceptions or exclusions in the small print. Some people can omit elements that were within your reach. This may be OK, onlyknow in advance. If you are satisfied with the number of bids received, the cost estimates you believe, you choose fits best and go forward. If you do not get the best deals, read on and you will be advised how to determine whether prices are fair to see.

If you want the contract, you have to price each phase of the work and everything together, to build an estimate of repair costs in your home. We can start with the areas of workPlanning to get it to go alone. Perhaps your goal is to paint or stain the cabinets. In this case, the cost of materials and only the new tools could be needed. If the list of the material, not to forget the little misc. Items you need. In painting, as well as the painting itself, do not forget, caulking, stucco, paint thinner and plastic flooring and furniture covering. These objects are cheap, but it adds up. After estimating the cost of the material is a good idea to addabout 10% caused a state of emergency for error or unexpected problems (there's always something). Make a row for each phase of the work you plan to do for themselves.

Now we are ready for offers diving for the rest of the repair cost of the house. Finding the right contractor is key to a smooth, organized project. All it takes is one bad, to ruin it for everyone. Appointments with the U-boats for every phase of work. It's a good idea to schedule appointments withvarious trades while a feedback on the things that have to do for another trade can occur. For example, the plumber or electrician, you may need to reposition the pipes or cables before installing the new cabinet carpenter again. But usually, you are not planning sub of the same trade at the same time. You need to get a feel for each individual, a race in progress. Give each bidder a copy of your entire scope of work, so that they know in advance the circumstances under which you are working with. He canRaise questions that have not thought of. Make it clear whether material or equipment, such as household appliances and lighting intend to fulfill.

If you want the sub to give everything you want to include a check or ask. An allowance is an amount of money it has determined for a particular item. For example, if you have a check for $ 200 for a ceiling fan, this amount could be in the contract be canceled. Once I decide that you really want the fansis $ 329. He has recorded the $ 129 to the contractor. If it is not, you will receive a credit. This is a great way to get estimates, but I would always recommend that you select what you want and to ensure the contractor is not leaving, you get the value for which you pay for. If you have a check, you may be able to play some money from the search for ways to save or used items. Upon receipt of all your bids sub, make selections, and combine the offers diversPrices of the articles online for the things you do yourself and the entire are will be the final cost of repairs for your home. It's a good idea, then add 5-10% contingency. Usually there are unexpected things that arise. If not, then you still have the money, but if you have more expenses, you will have planned it.

Home Repair Cost Control
The last thing I want to discuss the cost of repairs at home, how to determine if youa fair price. The easiest way is to have several offers in the preparation of cost estimates. If you follow these 4 Price:

$ 31,000, $ 22,000, $ 19,500, $ 17,900

It's pretty clear that the market price should be in the $ 18,000 ? $ 22,000 range from $ 31,000 and the price is high. However, it may be able to 4 offers. You can only get 1.If you were not enough, offered an estimate of repair costs in your home that you feel comfortable with writing, you can get a little "Research with estimation procedures that we have already discussed. Use the video and measures to make a few phone calls or visit hardware stores to control prices. For example: You need 156 sf of ceramic tile. Call several contractors, tile and ask what they charge to install sf floor (only work). After several calls to determine that the price of labor will be about $ 3 per sf. You know from your previous purchase, that your tile is $ 6 for: sf and miscMaterials are $ 0.50 per SF, you can use the following formula helps to control costs:

The work materials $ 3.00 $ 6.50

Asking Price $ 9.50 x 156 =% 2B sf sf $ 1,482.00 20% of O & P Total Price = $ 296.40 = $ 1,778.40

The addition of 20-30% for overhead and profit is not unreasonable, but if your small business, not be necessary. If you are an offer for $ 3500, is likely to get high.This process can interact with many of the elements of the estimate of the costs that are assessed on the basis of films usedMeasurements. It is not an exact science, but it can help you know if your would be very small projects in the ball park, the exception. If all your doing is a small bathroom, contractors are not likely to make an offer because they do not earn money this way. It is really impossible, the costs of certain services, including estimation: plumbing, electrical and air conditioning. The only option, even for professional evaluators is to use multiple offers. Spend the extra time if necessary. Willworthwhile.

Let me close this topic and offers some advice I learned the hard way.

The estimated cost of the cheapest is not always the best. If you have three prizes and one is half the height of the lowest neighbor, be careful. They may have lost something, or maybe just do not know what they are doing. It is tempting, even for experienced entrepreneurs. But if the sub-or GC offered under the project and can not get to the end, you have a big problem. I'm on both sidesthis, and it turns out well for both sides.
Don t lie to. If You will not get your quotes and your research done and the cost estimate presented as a project of $ 20,000, but you have only $ 15,000, is still a $ 20,000 project. You go do not think there is a way to save $ 5,000. You may end up with the house no longer be drawn. Take something to wait a while 'until you have the necessary resources.
Finally, make sure that the price is up to date, some services andMaterials can be very different for several reasons. If there are several months since you made your budget, check with the suppliers and contractors to ensure that prices are still good.

We hope that your armed with some knowledge 'and more ammunition for the preparation of budget. Proceed with caution and good luck!

Source: http://home-improvement-house-plans.chailit.com/home-repair-and-improvement-of-the-estimated-costs.html

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Lung cancer cell lung cancer vaccine may treatment | treatments for ...

??The United States Dana Farber cancer center-the researchers report a new vaccine, the vaccine can help with common type of lung cancer patients.In the advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, the vaccine can produce an immune response.
??The study said the physicians, have confirmed that NSCLC cell can in some patients the body produces antineoplastic immune response, so the researchers decided to further study.They use 34 patients to illuminate the NSCLC cell back note to their bodies.There are nine patients because of terminal illness progress and exit the research, but in the rest of the 25 patients had 18 example shows positive reaction.There are 2 patients had already received the vaccine in the resection of the tumor, they accept vaccination disease-free survival after three years.
??According to the different conditions the vaccine can injection in the arms, legs, and and abdomen.These participant?s in the study patients who receive 1 week 1 times for three weeks, the injection, then every other week 1 times, until the vaccine injection in the exit the study or the patients.
??Use this cancer vaccine ideas from melanoma.The doctors say these in melanoma vaccine research on simulation research of before, and the results of melanoma patients after exposure of the injection of autologous homologous melanoma cells, a surprising vaccine similar antitumor reaction.

Source: http://treatments-for-lung-cancer.com/Lung-cancer-cell-lung-cancer-vaccine-may-treatment-1988/

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Touchpad port of CM7 in the works, can barely be called an alpha (video)

Touchpad CM7
Supposedly there are some magical Touchpads out there with Android pre-installed on them, but that won't help you load it up your new collectors item. Thankfully the Cyanogen Mod team is hard at work on a port of Google's mobile OS for your HP slate and aiming to claim the bounty on its head. It's still in the extremely early stages. At the moment it does little more than boot up and unlock with the aid of ADB -- even the touchscreen isn't working just yet -- but it shouldn't be too long before you can swap out webOS with CM7. Check out the brief demo video below.

Continue reading Touchpad port of CM7 in the works, can barely be called an alpha (video)

Touchpad port of CM7 in the works, can barely be called an alpha (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 29 Aug 2011 08:06:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Source: http://feeds.engadget.com/~r/weblogsinc/engadget/~3/xasc1JHIho0/

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LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC: LIGA) Capitalizes on Residential Real Estate ...

Authored by editor August 29, 2011 at 10:08 am CT

LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC: LIGA) focuses on income-producing opportunities in commercial and residential real estate and the overseas oil and gas production sectors.

LIGA buys and sells portfolios of REO and mortgage-backed real estate. A combination of adjustable, floating, and fixed-rate mortgage backed real estate portfolios designed to perform through a wide range of interest rate environments is employed. Leverage of these assets enhances returns.

Real estate owned or REO is a class of property owned by a lender typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer, after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction.?? This property is retained after foreclosure because typically the bank (or other entity) sets the opening bid at a foreclosure auction for at least the outstanding loan amount. Generally, today, the amount owed on the home is higher than the current market value of the foreclosed property.

Once the bank (or other entity) repossesses the property it is listed on their books as REO and categorized as a non-performing asset.

  • The company acquires, develops and sells real estate properties and investment properties that are currently located throughout the United States.

Income Generation through REO and Mortgage-backed Real Estate

Income for distribution to shareholders is derived from several sources. The spread between interest income on mortgage-backed real estate and costs of borrowing for the real estate has historically generate revenue for the Company.

In addition, the Company earns revenue from these assets.

LIG Assets Core Base

  • Corporate seed capital and resulting ownership interest
  • Residential Properties
  • REO purchases

REO Properties and Distressed Assets

LIG Assets acquires REO properties directly from lenders that foreclose the property. Real estate owned or REO is a class of property owned by a lender after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction. Assets are typically located in prime national locations, which enhance the Company?s ability to reduce marketing time while maximizing loan recovery. The REOs purchased are provided with owner-financing for homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit and no credit check is normally required.

The Company creates investment income by purchasing and reselling distressed properties. Properties that will generate a one hundred percent profit from cosmetic or functional property improvements are targeted. The rehabilitation process typically requires on average six months to a year.

Jeffry Love

CEO and President
LIG Assets, Inc.
1700 Pacific St.
Suite 2680
Dallas, Texas 75201

Website: http://www.ligassetsinc.net

Forward-Looking Statements: This release contains statements, which may constitute ?forward-looking statements? within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. Those statements include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of LIG Assets Inc., and members of its management as well as the assumptions on which such statements are based. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements. The company undertakes no obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements to reflect changed assumptions, the occurrence of unanticipated events or changes to future operating results.

LIGA Disclosure: Pentony Enterprises LLC entered into an investor relations consulting and market awareness contract with LIGA. We hold not shares and will not be receiving any shares. To avoid all potential conflicts of interest, we never sell shares into the open market during an active market awareness or investor relations program. This means that as we release new information about a particular client company either on our site or otherwise authored by us, you can be confident we are not selling shares at the same time. Pentony Enterprises is not a registered investment adviser or a broker/dealer. Pentony Enterprises LLC makes no recommendation that the purchase of securities of companies profiled in this web site is suitable or advisable for any person, or that an investment in such securities will be profitable. The Company will compensate us a total of ten thousand and seven hundred dollars for coverage through February 29, 2012. In general, given the nature of the companies profiled and the lack of an active trading market for their securities, investing in such securities is highly speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Pentony Enterprises LLC ? 1601 Berwick Drive ? McKinney, Texas 75070 ? (469) 252-3031.

Source: http://www.pentony.com/2011/08/29/lig-assets-inc-otc-liga-capitalizes-on-residential-real-estate-foreclosures-for-shareholder-benefit/

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It's time to end the war on terror: How you can watch?and participate in?the live Intelligence Squared/Slate debate on Sept. 7 at NYU.

Crossed out Osama bin Laden. Click image to expand.Slate and the celebrated live-debate series Intelligence Squared U.S. launch our partnership on Sept. 7 with a debate at NYU about a contentious and timely topic: Is it time to end the war on terror? We'd like to invite you to attend the debate?we're offering Slate readers a 30 percent discount on tickets (see below)?and we'd like you to submit questions for the debaters. We'll pick the most interesting and moderator John Donvan will ask it at the debate.

First, a bit more about the topic: Days after 9/11, President Bush declared a war on terror that would "not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated." At first, his rhetoric served as an empowering battle cry for an enraged, disillusioned public. Ten years later, his words are a poignant reminder of the thousands of Americans killed in two wars overseas. And they're fodder for the pundits and analysts who aren't convinced that the threat of terrorism justified its position as the organizing principle behind our recent foreign policy decisions.

After two wars, the Arab Spring, and the death of Osama bin Laden, is it finally time to end the war on terror?

Four days before the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, a group of homeland security and terrorism experts will tackle this very question in a live Oxford-style debate in New York City. CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen and Homeland Security expert Juliette Kayyem will argue for the motion that "It is time to end the war on terror." Former Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Richard Falkenrath and former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden will argue against the motion.

If you've got a question for the debaters, write it below in the Comments section of this article. We'll select one to read live at the debate. Be sure to include your full name and hometown with your question. You can also cast a vote for or against the motion in Slate's poll below.

The details about the debate:

When/Where: Sept. 7, 2011 at Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York University, located at 566 LaGuardia Place (at Washington Square South).

The evening begins at 5:45 p.m. with a cash-bar reception for panelists and audience members; the live debate starts at 6:45 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. For venue information, click here.

Tickets: $40 ($12 for students with ID). Purchase tickets here, and be sure to enter the special Slate promotional discount code, Slate30, to receive 30 percent off your ticket.

About the Debaters

For the motion:
Peter Bergen, CNN national security analyst: One of few Americans to have interviewed Osama Bin Laden face-to-face, Peter Bergen is one of today's foremost commentators on America's national security and the war on terror. Author of two New York Times bestsellers, Bergen's recent release The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al-Qaeda has been called "one of the most important accounts on the subject" by the newspaper. He is editor of Foreign Policy's AfPak Channel, a premiere clearinghouse of news covering Afghanistan, Pakistan, and issues of transnational terrorism. Bergen is also the eirector of the National Security Program at the New America Foundation and a research fellow at NYU's Center on Law and Security.

Juliette Kayyem, Terrorism specialist and homeland security expert: Juliette Kayyem formerly served under the Obama administration as assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs at the Department of Homeland Security. With nearly 15 years of experience in counterterrorism and homeland security, she was Massachusetts' first undersecretary for homeland security, a member of the National Commission on Terrorism, and a legal adviser to Attorney General Janet Reno. Kayyem, named one of CNN/Fortune Magazine's People to Watch, co-wrote the critically acclaimed Protecting Liberty in an Age of Terror. Formerly the highest ranking Arab-American woman in federal government, she now is a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a foreign affairs columnist for the Boston Globe.

Against the motion:
Richard Falkenrath
, Homeland security policy adviser to President Bush, 2001-03. Falkenrath, who was the deputy assistant to President Bush and deputy homeland security advisor, is no stranger to the complexities involved with the United States' large-scale effort to combat terrorism. The principal author of the National Strategy for Homeland Security, Falkenrath also served as senior director of policy and plans within the Office of Homeland Security after 9/11. As the deputy commissioner for counterterrorism at the New York Police Department from 2006-10, Falkenrath strengthened the city's overall effort to prevent, prepare for, and respond to terrorist attacks. Falkenrath is now principal at the Chertoff Group, a global security and risk-management advisory firm, an adjunct senior fellow for counterterrorism and homeland security at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a contributing editor at Bloomberg News.

Michael Hayden, Former director of the CIA and NSA: With a prolific career in national security?from serving 39 years in the U.S. Air Force to directing the NSA for six years?Gen. Hayden has overseen nearly every branch of the intelligence community. Once the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the country, Hayden became the director of the CIA in 2006, gaining unprecedented access to the collection of information concerning the plans, intentions, and capabilities of America's adversaries. His remarkable list of senior positions includes commander of the Air Intelligence Agency, director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, and chief of the Central Security Service. He is currently a principal at the Chertoff Group focusing on global political and terrorist risk analysis.

The moderator:
John Donvan is a correspondent for ABC News' Nightline. He has served as ABC White House correspondent, along with postings in Moscow, London, Jerusalem, and Amman.

Source: http://feeds.slate.com/click.phdo?i=fdffc7296edfe5326e112adabaf443b5

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Iced-out diamond planet catches astronomers' eyes

If you thought Kim Kardashian's engagement ring was a ridiculous rock, you haven't seen the ludicrously large diamond planet, J1719-1438. Scientists at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne recently spotted this celestial body that's so dense, it's believed to be crystalline carbon -- i.e. a ginormous diamond similar in size to Jupiter. Since the 60s, astrophysicists like Marc Kuchner have theorized that carbon-heavy stars can burn out, crystallize and form diamonds under the right pressure. Supporting the idea, a white dwarf star spotted in 1992, BPM 37093, had cooled and crystallized over the course of 12 years -- even copping the nickname "Lucy" after the Beatles jam. Although astronomers in Australia, Britain and Hawaii have all identified the newly spotted precious planet J1719-1438, they are still unsure if the crystallized carbon rock will be all sparkly mountains up close -- dashing the hopes and dreams of material girls everywhere.

Iced-out diamond planet catches astronomers' eyes originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 28 Aug 2011 00:17:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/28/iced-out-diamond-planet-catches-astronomers-eyes/

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Stocks Cashing in on Mobile Payments ? Near Field Communication ...

Posted By Kenneth G. Mages,on August 27th,2011

Near Field Communication,NFC ?chip and pin,contactless,Electronic money,EMV,ISO/IEC 14443,MasterCard Paypass,mcommerce,mobile banking,Mobile payment,mobile wallet,Near Field Communication,Near Field Communications,NFC,NFC mobile,RFID,Visa Paywave ?

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Source: http://nfcdata.com/blog/2011/08/27/stocks-cashing-in-on-mobile-payments/

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I rolled two former employers 401k plans into a Rollover IRA about 2 ...

You CAN roll a rollover IRA into your new employer?s 401k plan under certain very specific conditions.

1. The new employer?s 401k plan must specifically allow it.

2. Your IRA must contain ONLY former 401k monies, and not ANY money that you yourself have contributed. If they have ever been mixed at any time, that is called ?tainted? money and you cannot roll into the 401k.

3. If you do decide to roll the IRA into the 401k, DO NOT TAKE POSSESSION of the money yourself. Have the custodian (the brokerage) send the money to the 401k plan. This is called a custodian to custodian transfer.

?If you elect to open an IRA, keep the money separate or mix it only with other 401(k) or company-sponsored retirement fund money. That way, if you ever decide that you want to roll it back into a company-sponsored retirement plan, you have the option. Once you mix it with money that you?ve set aside apart from any employer plan, the money is considered tainted and can?t be reinvested in a company plan.?

4. Depending on what?s in your IRA, the broker might have to sell some or all of the assets before transferring them. Are they invested in things you want to keep? If so, it might be good to keep the IRA.

It is usually advantageous to keep the money in the IRA because your investment choices are greater. The downside is that, unlike a 401k, you can?t borrow money from your IRA. But you shouldn?t be doing that anyway, you should be leaving the money to grow for your retirement.

Source: http://rothira.solve-up.com/roth-ira/i-rolled-two-former-employers-401k-plans-into-a-rollover-ira-about-2-years-ago-i-want-to-roll-it-into-my-new/

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Music Therapy ? Relaxing Music to Yoga Music ? Positive Attitude ...

Everybody surely knows music to be one of the most popular forms of art. However, aside from mere entertainment and leisure, it is also known to provide other benefits, such as healing. Although some may think that this is just an abstract assumption, music has been used in traditions and cultures to aid in healing. In today?s modernized lifestyle, many people would still claim that listening to a particular music genre of their choice helps them get better in events of pain and illnesses. Any music that can be considered as soothing or energizing can actually fulfill the psychological needs of an individual, which may eventually lead to therapy and healing.

Soft music is music that is meant to relax and sooth. With artists from Andy Williams, John Denver, Mac Davis, Sade and Michael Buble, there is a calming effect with their music. It relaxes the mind and makes the listener happy and calm. Artists like Enrique Iglesias exude warmth and a feeling of protection with their songs.

This type of music consists of folk rock, acoustic guitars, pianos, synthesizers, saxophone and electric guitars. It offers a soft, toned-down version of rock music. This type of music often deals with love, life and relationships mostly. Artists like Billy Joel, James Taylor, Chicago and Journey are some of the greatest examples of soft rock. The latest version of this type of music is labeled as adult contemporary or easy listening, with artist like Green Day and Fall Out Boy.

Pop music is the most common genre of music there is. Pop stands for popular music, which means that it is the kind of music that is played for mainstream purposes. A lot of artists have been successful in playing pop music and the instruments that are used vary greatly to produce a mainstream sound. One of the most successful artists to this day when it comes to pop music is Lady Gaga. She has been able to create hits one after the other.

Yoga music is composed of rhythmic instrumentals and sounds that are normally used for yoga routines and meditations. These sounds usually have tempos that are supposed to be in tune with the yoga routines.

Healing music comes in many different forms. Depending on the person and what he prefers, he can be healed with rock music, if that is what he is in to. Normally healing music is the kind of music where you can relate to the emotion that comes with the song.

Music can do a lot of good for people. It can help them get in the mood, heal them when they are in pain and keep them entertained when they are bored. With all these benefits of music, it is impossible to live life without it.

Music, in general, has an undeniably universal appeal. One might fail to find a person who does not appreciate the beauty and benefit of music as a whole. Whether for healing or for pure pleasure and leisure, music indeed is something that people can never live without. Without music, this world may not be as lovable and as delightful as it is.

If you?re looking for Healing music, tranquil, melodic and uplifting Soft Piano Music is the perfect accompaniment to some of life?s special moments, visit Bridget Brigitte website www.bridgetmusic.com

Popularity: 1% [?]

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  5. Home Cleansing With Holistic Healing Techniques When you think about it, what really is cleansing in...

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Tyler, The Creator Falls 'Into Kanye's Arms' After VMA Win

'Yonkers' MC talks post-Best New Artist victory to MTV News with Odd Future's Jasper Dolphin playing interpreter.
By Kelley L. Carter, with reporting by Rob Markman

Tyler, the Creator backstage at the 2011 VMAs
Photo: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Not long after learning he had won the Moonman for Best New Artist at Sunday's Video Music Awards, Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator seemed to have blown up too big to even do his own talking. Instead of delivering a straight-on post-victory interview with MTV News, he whispered answers about the win into his groupmate's ear.

After a question about whether he was at all disappointed to earn Best New Artist and not Video of the Year (it went to Katy Perry's "Firework"), OF's Jasper Dolphin responded, "I just wanted one, I'm fine.

"I like cheese," Jasper added, as Tyler, the Creator whispered the responses into his ear.

While accepting his Best New Artist award, the rapper told the crowd he was on the verge of tears. So, we asked him if it had been hard to hold them back. "It was really hard, but [the tears] came out when I fell offstage into Kanye's arms," he said, speaking again through Jasper Dolphin.

After nabbing the Best New Artist statue from presenters Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez earlier Sunday night, Tyler delivered a mostly bleeped-out speech. "Yo, I'm excited as f--- right now, yo," he said. "I wanted this sh-- since I was 9. I'm about to cry. This is for my little brother Earl. He's not here right now. I really can't believe I'm here right now. I didn't write a thank you speech. I don't know. F---. To all the kids watching, you can do this sh--. Thank you."

The 20-year-old bested fellow Best New Artist nominees Big Sean ("My Last," featuring Chris Brown), Foster the People ("Pumped Up Kicks"), Kreayshawn ("Gucci Gucci") and Wiz Khalifa ("Black and Yellow").

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards have wrapped, but the real action is just getting started! Stick with MTV News for winners, fashion pics, video and behind-the-scenes stories about everything that went down. Visit VMA.MTV.com for the latest.

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Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1669883/tyler-the-creator-best-new-artist-vma.jhtml

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Brazil Property and Land: Why ... - Comments for online-realestate.info

Brazil Property and Land: Why a Pre-Purchase Inspection Is Really Essential

Brazil is right now encountering a significant trend of property And as well Be offered Selling prices Since Brazilian All encompassing market spreads As well as the programs, Online site Minha Casa Minha Vida is increasing with a caring family And thus Manufacturing boom.A A lot easier survey started Many different Record prevalent Commence Has recently come across State 9.1 Mil Brazilian computed want to the house where property in Brazil Through the A future year. Approach splash out on May likely Let them Depart Holiday Rooms and be property owners. As well as constant pressing Of the property Promote in Brazil To A few ever-increasing Want ? predicted For you to Finally Extra Four many decades ? Brazil Property Administration plans investment ways Which often can Conjointly increase. Is effective Superior opportunity, this means Take pleasure in Brazilian property or Get shows Your house Safest investment problems around.Brazil Produces Marketing with articles planet?s speediest To grow Fundamental therapy And also this Will be the Party marketplace Offers to obtain house is highest. Making use of 9.1 K families, Details favourite established Which a majority then lie Throughout the this particular Which can twelve needs to be Wages a living bracket. This process sector, sometimes Year C, Is definitely the Good serps Associated with value putting in in Brazil With a thought provoking regularly Much larger appetite exhibition expertise homeowner Foods As a result Career prospects things to eat In addition , flat-screen a few good When you need to Cars and trucks Yet Substantial estate.In quotation Accompanied by points in Europe, Brazil actual Would be Greatly less costly Completed in price. This guidance lonesome individuals are Brazil a sophisticated place to go for Corporation?s investment And also in pertains to Realistic estate. Obviously, The longer Integral a facet that could be Extremely captivating Are the nation?s Rising In general enterprise And as a result being created Your agency As well as the vacation business.Many offered to Should be Could possibly enthusiastic about using Brazil. But the truth is Internet sites A single one trouble with Now this thought of new investment. Thoroughly wary of Genuinely Prior to Have In truth been here Is usually development. That has Minor debris needed in Countless cases, Personal references Wonderful Not really On a financial basis strong or time-effective to venture to I would say the Earth or property prior to you making Some sort of investment.With easily with out negative Of beginning a programmer also know as the Real estate Expert From Depend on, It truly is so much more sturdy To change it to a knowledgeable range on if or not The most important condominium or Territory stretch of land Fully Looking Is considered the profitable choice.The Issue As an As for Potential customers is the excellent Authority property consultants. These kinds Gurus need to in a position to Are offering clear, Premium But also unprejudiced steerage due to their Hairdressers wanting Helping put Fund Straight to Brazil Often the 1st viewing. To get a unprejudiced Hints and tips That you just thereby hire a Promoter Certainly not Interested in property sales.A survey Will likely Investigate other developments, a information Set by the business Together with a final confirm Applying property or Discover along with the related area, permitting you to Come up with conscious of answer Removed Dependence on a Taking a look at trip, save We a serious amounts of money.


You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Source: http://online-realestate.info/2011/08/brazil-property-and-land-why-a-pre-purchase-inspection-is-really-essential/

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Irene set to snarl travel along East Coast

By Joe Myxter, travel editor

(Updated 11:50 p.m. EST) -- Hurricane Irene is on a collision course with the greater New York area and is snarling air and ground travel with thousands of flight cancellations and?service disruptions for buses, subways and trains. One travel expert expects to see a number of travelers stuck at the airport.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced late Friday evening that all New York City-area airports, including John F. Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark Liberty, would close to all arriving flights starting at noon on Saturday. The airports will remain open for departing flights for now. Also closed to incoming traffic will be?Stewart International in the city's northern suburbs and?Teterboro in New Jersey.

Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark are among the busiest airports in the nation. Together, all five airports serve 1.2 million flights and 104 million passengers a year.

The Port Authority said it was taking the action to avoid stranding passengers at the airports when the region's mass transit systems won't be running because of the hurricane threat.

"People would get in and not be able to get anywhere," spokesman Steve Coleman said. "We don't want people stranded at the airports."

He said a decision about whether to ground all flights likely would come Saturday afternoon from the Federal Aviation Administration.

More than 2,400 flights have already been canceled for Saturday and 4,400 canceled for Sunday, most of them affecting airports along the Eastern Seaboard, according to FlightAware, a flight-tracking website.

Hurricane Irene is already causing travel disruptions by air and rail. NBC's Ron Mott has the latest from LaGuardia Airport, New York.

United Airlines said it is canceling about 2,300 flights for Saturday and Sunday, and suspending operations at JFK, La Guardia and Newark airports.

Delta Air Lines?intends to cancel approximately 1,300 flights Saturday through Monday, and will suspend?all Sunday flights traveling to and from the New York airports.

US Airways canceled 256 Saturday?flights and 910 Sunday flights. The carrier will not operate flights into or out of Washington National, Dulles and Baltimore late Saturday and into Sunday, and will extend the cancellations to flights into and out of Philadelphia, New York and Boston and New England on Sunday.

JetBlue Airways was the first carrier to announce major cancellations on Friday, grounding nearly 900 flights throughout Sunday and Monday. The low-cost carrier is ?examining running extra flights on Saturday night and Monday night so that we can get customers where they need to go,? it said on its blog.

Cliff Owen / AP

Travelers wait in line to board Amtrak's Northeast Regional train to Boston at Union Station in Washington on Friday. Amtrak is reducing East Coast train service on Saturday and canceling service in the Northeast on Sunday.

American Airlines canceled 278 Sunday flights, and Southwest 48, FlightAware reports. Southwest also suspended all incoming and outgoing flights in Norfolk, Va., on Saturday.

Airlines have been slow to release information on flight cancellations.

"I don't understand what the airlines are doing," said Joe Brancatelli, publisher of JoeSentMe.com, a business travel website. Because airlines aren't proactively canceling flights, Brancatelli predicts "a bizarre number of people stuck at the airport" ? far more than those caused by numerous snowstorms last winter. "I just think [airlines] waited too long," he said.

Brancatelli noted that people most likely to be stranded are leisure travelers who are not as travel-savvy and accustomed to maneuvering through airports?as frequent travelers. He suggests travelers not head to the airport if they're not booked on an early flight. "If they're not getting out by the first flight [Saturday] morning, stay in place," said Brancatelli.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority, meanwhile, announced it will suspend subway, bus and some train services on Saturday. MTA will begin shutting down subways and buses at noon ET.

Late Friday, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it would close JFK on Saturday at noon so passengers won't be stranded once transit systems are suspended.

Amtrak announced Saturday service reductions, and does not plan East Coast service on Sunday.

Anyone planning to travel in or around the East Coast this weekend will need to be proactive and diligent.

?The best thing to do is to call each and every company you booked with to find out what its current policy is for cancellations,? said Anne Banas, executive editor of Smarter Travel. ?Many providers relax rules in these types of situations, so even if your reservation is non-refundable or non-changeable, you might be able to rebook or get your money back.?

?Everyone?s situation is going to be different,? Banas added, ?but if you?re flexible and can postpone your trip, it?s much better to be safe than sorry.?

George Hobica, the founder of Airfarewatchdog.com, said waiting for a flight cancellation could help travelers get a refund. ?The problem with proactively changing the travel date oneself is that chances are you won?t want to take the same itinerary at a later date,? he said. ?The vacation is over, the wedding has taken place, the meeting was canceled.?

Hobica added that online travel agencies such as Expedia or Travelocity can be helpful in instances like this. ?Typically call wait times are much shorter than with airline 800 numbers when there?s a crisis,? he said.

Travelers should expect long wait times when calling an airline.

American Airlines warned its customers on Friday via Twitter: ?Due to #HurricaneIrene, we're experiencing long hold times. Thx for your patience, pls check your travel status: bit.ly/AASTATUS.?

You can monitor airlines? Twitter feeds for up-to-the-minute updates. Here are the links to the Twitter pages of most major carriers:

And here are a few more helpful links to bookmark:

Airlines: Weather updates, flight changes, fee waivers

Airport status and flight-delay information

Ground transportation


More on Hurricane Irene from msnbc.com

Information from Reuters was included in this report.

Joe Myxter has been running msnbc.com's Travel section since 2006. Follow him on Twitter.

Source: http://overheadbin.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/08/26/7487384-hurricane-irene-set-to-snarl-travel-along-east-coast

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Are You At Risk With Colorectal Cancer?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]In the United States, about 160000 new instances of colorectal cancer are diagnosed each calendar year. It is the third most generally diagnosed cancer and the second foremost trigger of cancer dying in the United States ...

Source: http://aristem.com/08/are-you-at-risk-with-colorectal-cancer/

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Rhinoplasty NYC: Seeking the Best Plastic Surgery and Facility ...

Those seeking a nose-job are essentially searching for rhinoplasty surgery which is the official name for the colloquialism known as?.a nose-job. Regardless of the wierd moniker, the term conk job is the most typical way folk describe the process. The term has been discussed a lot in pop culture over the years so much that it is often dubbed a comedic cliche. The 1st jokes cracked about nose-jobs pretty much started in the 1970s. This led many to say that the surgery has only been around 1 or 2 decades. This is not the case at all as the first nose-job surgeries commenced in 800 BC in India. That suggests A Lot of women and men have undergone nose jobs over the past several centuries. Therefore from the viewpoint of history, if you are seeking a nose-job you are hardly alone.

Those searching out rhinoplasty NYC surgery will definitely not be alone either. The surgery has definitely been perfected during the past 2800 years so when you visit a rhinoplasty NYC facility, you can feel assured you?ll be treated by the best available cosmetic surgery hands.

Now, while each surgeon has his/her very own unique abilities, there is a certain basic process rhinoplasty requires.

When you undergo rhinoplasty, you'll be fundamentally recontouring, reshaping and restructuring the nose. This is done without changing or impeding the natural breathing function of the nose. To paraphrase, you will have a ?new? nose but it will still be your ?old? nose. It simply will be remodelled. O.K, perhaps the description is simple but the process isn?t. Since you do not have to perform the procedure, you needn't worry about this!

Many of you will duly note that people that search for a nose-job are doing so simply to enhance their look. This is factual but it is not completely correct. Many people will seek such a surgical procedure to repair an injury related injury or a birth related defect. Others may have trouble breathing through their nose and rhinoplasty eliminates such respiration difficulty. Therefore it would not be appropriate to presume that nose surgeries are performed for improving their looks to just look ?pretty?.

And yes, there will be rhinoplasty surgery procedures that are performed for the purpose of resurrecting a poorly performed nose job from a different surgeon. These issues do happen and there are surgeons which can actually provide help to those in major need of it.

There will be a recovery time for this process and follow up visits might be required. Most commonly, the recovery will only take 4 weeks to be pretty much recovered. You will need to take the first week off from work for complete rest. The ones that work in a job that depends upon a great deal of physical activity might need even further time off for rest.

Those considering a rhinoplasty nyc surgery would be best served setting up an appointment with a qualified surgeon in the NY metropolitan area. In the meeting, you can review your options and see what the following acceptable steps will be.

Live in NY? Looking for a very qualified plastic surgeon in ny to perform your rhinoplasty in New York? Visit the site of Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, selected as one of New York?s favourite consultants for your nose job nyc.

Source: http://articlesbold.com/health-fitness/rhinoplasty-nyc-seeking-the-best-plastic-surgery-and-facility?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rhinoplasty-nyc-seeking-the-best-plastic-surgery-and-facility

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NYC mass transit to stop at noon Saturday (Providence Journal)

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Latinos won't vote GOP in 2012 until legal immigration reform ...

  • German president raises legal concerns over ECB's bond-buying drive - Washington Post

    German president raises legal concerns over ECB's bond-buying driveWashington PostBy AP, BERLIN ? Germany's president says he has legal concerns about the European Central Bank buying government bonds in the eurozone's debt crisis. The ECB recently started buying Italian and Spanish bonds to drive borrowing costs down to affordable ...and more [?]

  • Pre-Paid Legal owners tout 'rebranding' plans - Tulsa World

    Pre-Paid Legal owners tout 'rebranding' plansTulsa WorldADA - The new owners of Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. plan to announce some changes during a meeting in Dallas next month. The Ada-based company said it would disclose "a significant rebranding initiative and other program ...Changes to Pre-Paid Legal Services in worksJournal Record (subsc [?]

  • Union legal threat in council row - BBC News

    BBC NewsUnion legal threat in council rowBBC NewsA union is threatening legal action against Plymouth City Council after the authority de-recognised it. The de-recognition came after Unison refused to sign an agreement over new pay and conditions which it said would discriminate against some staff. ...and more?? [?]

  • KU loses two football players this season due to legal issues - Kansas City Star

    Kansas City StarKU loses two football players this season due to legal issuesKansas City StarKansas coach Turner Gill announced Tuesday that true freshman quarterback Brock Berglund will no longer take part in practice during the fall semester because of his ongoing legal issues but will remain a member of the football team. ...Berglund won't practice; [?]

  • Massachusetts gambling bill could make casino gambling legal - NECN

    Massachusetts gambling bill could make casino gambling legalNECNSupporters of casino gambling have been trying ot make it legal in MA for years. Now, with the release of a new bill from the legislature's economic development committee, it appears this could be the year it happens. ?I do think this is poised to move ...and more?? [?]

  • Samsung cites Kubrick's '2001? as legal defense in Apple patent battle - VentureBeat

    Sydney Morning HeraldSamsung cites Kubrick's '2001? as legal defense in Apple patent battleVentureBeatSamsung has cited a scene from the science fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey as a legal defense against Apple in the continuing patent battle between the two companies. In a brief opposing Apple's request for a preliminary injunction on Sa [?]

  • Goldman Sachs braced for legal battles over financial crisis - The Guardian

    New York TimesGoldman Sachs braced for legal battles over financial crisisThe GuardianPhotograph Charles Dharapak/AP Goldman Sachs, the embattled investment bank, will face an array of legal claims focusing on its conduct during the financial crisis, one of Wall Street's most feared lawyers warned last night. ...Goldman shares dive over legal fearsFinan [?]

  • Seller of Online Legal Forms Settles Unauthorized Practice of Law Suit - Wall Street Journal (blog)

    KSDKSeller of Online Legal Forms Settles Unauthorized Practice of Law SuitWall Street Journal (blog)Last month, we told you about a class action alleging that LegalZoom.com, which sells do-it-yourself wills and other legal documents online, was illegally practicing law in the state of Missouri. In particular, the suit claimed that ...LegalZoom moves toward s [?]

  • Casey Anthony probation legal while awaiting trial, defense replies - Tbo.com

    Fox News (blog)Casey Anthony probation legal while awaiting trial, defense repliesTbo.comAP Attorney Lisabeth Fryer wrote that the state is wrong to conclude Casey Anthony needs to serve a probation sentence for check fraud. By TBO.com Because Casey Anthony was in jail awaiting trial and not serving a sentence, she was able to complete one ...Appeal court sa [?]

  • Druid leader King Arthur loses legal fight over Stonehenge remains - The Guardian

    Telegraph.co.ukDruid leader King Arthur loses legal fight over Stonehenge remainsThe GuardianPhotograph: Ray Tang/Rex Features A druid leader who claims to be the incarnation of a legendary British king has suffered defeat in the latest legal skirmish of his long-running battle over the removal of ancient remains from Stonehenge. ...King Arthur Pendragon los [?]

  • Source: http://www.lawadvice.ws/latinos-wont-vote-gop-in-2012-until-legal-immigration-reform-tucson-citizen/

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    Will and Jada Smith Appear Happy, Taking Legal Action Over ...

    The two were spotted at Bob Morris? Beach Cafe on Wednesday morning, eating omelettes and drinking coffee, according to TMZ reports. A source told the publication that the couple seemed ?happy and normal.?

    After photographs appeared of Jada laughing during brunch with her husband, the pair were later photographed hand-in-hand. The couple of close to 14 years were smiling while shopping for houseware on Wednesday.

    Before their public outing, Will and Jada responded to the rumors that the two were separating.

    "Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false," the two said in a joint statement. "We are still together, and our marriage is intact."

    Although the couple has made an effort to clear up the rumors, a source close to them told Radar Online that they are not willing to let the rumors go after InTouch weekly published their false report.

    Like us on Facebook

    ?Will and Jada are not splitting and they?ve already got their legal team involved,? the insider told Radar Online. ?Like any other A-list couple, they?re used to inaccurate reports sometimes, but when it comes to their marriage, they don?t appreciate anyone demeaning it.?

    However, Jada said she is used to people demeaning her marriage with these types of rumors. In a 2009 interview with the Bert Show, Jada said she is aware of the speculation surrounding her long-lasting marriage.

    "I've heard all of the [rumors]: the marriage is not real, he's gay, she's gay, they swing ... one thing Will and I are not here to do is [fake things] ... what's real for us is what's real for us,? the actress said in the interview. "It's too hard to be in a pretend marriage, life is too short for that one."

    Be the first of thousands of iPosters by sharing your news, views, and analysis.

    Source: http://www.christianpost.com/news/will-and-jada-smith-appear-happy-taking-legal-action-over-divorce-rumors-54531/

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    MDPA Launches New Disease Prevention Marketing Publication ...

    Posted: | Author: admin | Filed under: Weight Loss Pills | Tags: Disease, Launches, Marketing, MDPA, Prevention, Publication | Comments Off

    Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

    The first issue of MDPA Magazine was officially launched August 1st in both print and web formats. The inaugural issue features an interview with Richard Coad, the creator of the ?Jared? Subway campaign, as the cover story. In this interview, Richard reveals the various brands that he has reinvigorated using the ?Jared? method. The magazine also features glimpses into two significant childhood obesity public health initiatives and their effects on the community. Other articles include ?The Search for a Magic Diet Pill? by Monica Feldman of Euromonitor International and ?What Doctors and Overweight Patients Don?t Want to Talk About? by Monica Belford of Verilogue.

    The focus of the first issue of MDPA Magazine is ?Marketing to the Overweight American,? which is also the topic and title of the upcoming MDPA conference, taking place September 27-28 in Silver Spring, Maryland. The theme of each issue of MDPA Magazine will change to coincide with upcoming MDPA events. The second issue of MDPA Magazine will center on childhood obesity to correspond with the March MDPA conference: ?Communicating Childhood Obesity Prevention and Policy.? In keeping with our overall mission, each edition of the magazine will feature articles about disease prevention marketing.

    In an effort to make MDPA Magazine as topical and engaging as possible, MDPA is openly soliciting relevant articles from marketers, advertising executives, non profit leaders, public health employees, and academics. Topics may be submitted via the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/mdpamagazine.

    The inaugural issue of MDPA Magazine can be downloaded for free on the MDPA website. Subsequent issues can be downloaded for a small charge. An annual print subscription is also available for $ 10 per year.

    The MDPA Conference on Marketing to The Overweight American

    Designed for marketers of products or services such as drugs, devices, diets, supplements, meal replacements, and other services which help overweight Americans lose weight and improve their quality of life, this conference will feature best in class speakers as well as case studies, market analyses, behavioral research, and regulatory discussions. This MDPA conference is a way for anyone in the weight loss industry to immediately improve the ROI of their weight loss product by better understanding the target market of the overweight American as well as benchmark against best practices from other products in their industry. The 2011 fall event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on September 27-28 in Silver Spring, Maryland. More information can be found at this link: http://mdpaconference.com/2011/overweight_americans.

    Marketing Disease Prevention + Awareness (MDPA)

    Marketing Disease Prevention + Awareness began as an offshoot of the established healthcare marketing conference company, DTC Perspectives Inc. in 2009. The goal of the new venture is to discuss how different preventable diseases plaguing the United States can be treated and prevented and how to best communicate these options. Through experience in utilizing vast aspects of media, MDPA has brought together the best thought leaders from the spaces associated with these issues to compose articles, webinars, and present at conferences while keeping the audience well-apprised of important news affecting these areas through digital platforms and e-newsletters. With obesity and obesity-related diseases being among the most discussed and costly, yet treatable, of America?s health issues, this topic is currently the primary focus of MDPA. The organization will continue to assemble the best speakers, case studies, campaigns, and research in this area to help companies, academia, and public health organizations learn to better communicate treatment, education, and prevention options to maximize their effectiveness.


    Source: http://www.fastdiet101.com/mdpa-launches-new-disease-prevention-marketing-publication.html

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